Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Not Until the Next Time, etc...

I'm trying, somewhat badly, to get ready for FW2's visit. She'll be here tomorrow. I'm excited to show off my corner of LA to her, but you'd never know it from looking at me. I decided the new bathroom rug needed to be washed. Yeah, *that's* the most important thing. I kinda need to pay some bills (of course, that's why god made Netbank autopay). I still have to email out instructions for our get together on Saturday, figure out a good viewing angle for the Hollywood sign and how to get there, reboot the computer (pesky and slow), figure out how to pick up the new sofa, and arrange to see all my friends in Boston the following weekend. I don't know why I put off things until the last possible minute. I always swear I won't, at least not until the next time.

I did manage to get some Ginger Ale, which goes with the Crown Royal, some tasty beverage (Newcastle Brown and Sam's Summer) and I did do the good vacuum job. There are clean sheets. I got the queen aerobed replaced on warranty, although I haven't tested it. I got the faulty cable box replaced, but with an even more faulty one. I bought a little dresser for craft supplies that FW2 can use to stash her stuff (although it arrived broken and will be replaced next wednesday) should she be the unpacking sort. I put away anything that just seemed embarrassing to leave out. All is not lost. But I am not yet an award winning hostess.

Work might be sketchy tomorrow because my tool is broken and holding up the line while we wait for a part to come in from europe. I'm almost certain that we've fixed the right things so that we don't re-break this part within 24 hours. I got to call and pester the vendor about finding, say, an in country stash of these things. It felt like helping. Hopefully the part will come in and no one will call me on my vacation days.

Still, there were good things:
  1. A tech in the fab was wearing a "The Smiths" concert T that looked new so I asked about it. I am a fan. Turns out Morrisey had a gig the other night and still sells them. This led to much singing of tunes, including Sweet and Tender Hooligan, so naturally ||:Etcetera:|| was stuck in my head all day. But it went away on its own.
  2. The weather out here is getting hot in the afternoon, yet only 85F, so it's super fantastic.
  3. I got a call from a book club friend tonight and we had a fun chat about lots of stuff - book club get togethers, greek honey, and the holy land.
  4. My order from Amazon came in. I can re-up my geek card now that I have the DVD set of Firefly and the illustrated companion. I also got two romances, both regencies, from authors I like. I've been in the mood for regencies.
  • Loretta Chase's "Not Quite a Lady". A good read, 4/5 (maybe 3/5). I think it's the last of the Carsington brothers series. Likeable characters who had some good fun and grew up a bit. The H/H were in their late 20s, which was a nice change of pace, and believable within the context of the story. Things were a little slick, however, and about 40 pages in I realized that there wasn't a lot going on but that I liked the characters well enough to stick around and find out how they got their HEA. I rather liked the earlier ones a lot better, but this was still good. She sets herself a hard standard to live up to.

  • Julie Anne Long's "The Secret to Seduction". I'm on page 60 yet I've put it down about 5 times, the heroine is a brainless, cliched nitwit as near as I can tell. Suddenly in chapter five, this book gets related to the previous two books, but it's abrupt and should have happened earlier. I trust this author enough to hope the too young, too pious, cardboard cut-out heroine will get interesting and at least a little likeable. I hope I won't have to read any poetry. If you're new to her work, don't start with this one.
It was probably too much to put in a woe-is-me, I live in wonderland and have friends visiting from out of country, and can afford a new sofa from my savings morph into my 3 happiness tokens and 2 book reviews but I haven't posted in a few days and the brain has been chaotic, so I'm posting some chaos.


Anonymous said...

I'll be there in a few hours.

We'll sort it out then :)

No worries. I'm on holidays!!!! AND FYI... you're a great hostess.


Wade said...

Yay Firefly goodness! Your Dork Side Points have accumulated most impressively. :)

kerrit said...

Double Yay on Firefly! With an illustrated companion, no less. Perhaps I will pull mine off the shelf, it certainly would help pass the time till August's Bourne goodness... ;)