Thursday, June 28, 2007

Make Myself Not Care

I've actually acquired fairly decent planning skills in the last few years. I appear to have abandoned most of them this month. The outcome worked for last week, but I'm a little afraid that I'll show up naked in Boston. I didn't do any packing last night. I very often stay up until all hours the night before I leave to do packing, and I thought I'd kind of gotten over that, but no. Only this time I know what I'm screwing up and have made myself a little sick with anxiety. Also, I'm sending my last minute scheduling emails and all of a sudden, my internet connection crapped out, so I had to re-boot the modem. Doesn't really help.

  • Bought flight
  • Have place to stay in Boston and transport
  • Know how I'm getting from the Airport to breakfast
  • Have ride to wedding
  • Have placeholder gift for happy couple (ornament until I can get some studio time)
  • Have ride to wedding
  • Have parking set up
  • Have contacted people about schedule
Not Done:
  • Haven't figured out rest of wedding outfit beyond shirt
  • Don't know what I'm wearing for rest of week
  • packing of jewelry, toiletries, gifts
  • wrapping of gifts
  • Haven't finalized a schedule with friends
  • paying bills that I've been putting off (next on list)
I need to remind myself that they sell incidentals and clothes in Boston which used to be home, and thus the source of my clothing and incidentals. I asked the friend I'm staying with if we might have brunch and go shopping before the wedding in case I don't have anything to wear. He said that if he had to choose only two activities for the rest of his life they would be brunch and shopping, so he was on board with this plan. The schedule seems to be falling together nicely for all my lack of attention to it. But I still don't think I'm going to be getting any sleep tonight. Or tomorrow night. And I wish I didn't care so much about that.


Anonymous said...


Have a great time on the East Coast.


Anonymous said...


Take it from one famous for staying up all night to pack...Forgive yourself. Try to do only the absolute essentials and then DO sleep. It will help you really enjoy yourself in Boston when you get there.

Hope you have a wonderful time! And, damn Sprint!