Sunday, June 17, 2007

Merry Maids

I just finished vacuuming every surface available so that I only have to do a quick runthrough and hit the highlights before farmwifetwo gets here on thursday. As much as I get satisfaction from eradicating dirt and dust, I don't get enough satisfaction to induce me to keep at it day after day after day. For the most part, I would rather do anything else. I'm seriously going to have to consider budgeting in some professional help.

I think once I figure out the layout and design of my place, do the kitchen remodel, and get the main space set up, I'll clear out a lot of the clutter that gets in the way. If I don't have to dust under and around 40,000 things, it's a lot less effort to keep the place clean. I'm having one of those days where I want to throw out half of what I own. There are some friends who would rejoice at hearing that. So far, I've picked 3 pairs of shoes. But what I'd like to do is design in good places to put the stuff I want to keep.

One thing that will help is getting the living room arranged. I want to build a desk for the corner so I have a space for MY NEW SOFA! I finally bit the bullet and decided on a sofa. After I broke in my new glassblowing pipes, I wandered around El Segundo for a while. I found a custom furniture place that could give me exactly what I want for $350 less than the almost right IKEA Hamra sofa, and totally on budget. Yes, it's going to be orange. And on feet high enough I can vacuum under it. They even offered to finish it in time for farmwifetwo to see it - and maybe help me haul it inside.

Well, now that I've burnt sunlight by vacuuming and blogging, I'm going to head outside and take advantage of the weather. Hope everyone everyone in blogland is having a good weekend.

UPDATE: Went running. This makes twice in a week which is a milestone for my running reinvigoration efforts. I went in shorts even, because, for you Suz fans, I had of a bit of an Alyssa overheating moment during the last outing when I overdressed. Speaking of Suz, she has 2 new books, 2 reissues, and 1 paperback release in the next few months. And I thought I had all of her titles, but one of the reissues doesn't seem to be on my shelf, so the timing is good.


janet w said...

Fantastic ... you've been on the sofa hunt as long as you've been in the Golden State! So congrat*u*f'ing*lations (can you tell I've been on a Sam binge? :) ... a hand-built desk sounds so intriguing ... what exactly is going to be different from the go-to-the-store and buy models? More unique storage capacity perhaps?

I hiked twice today: the first time with two teenagers who could barely move because of rev'ing -> muscle cramping -> lactic acid middle-up ... only solution: cardio!

Anonymous said...

So we're furniture moving. Sounds good. I don't mind. I do need to hit the post office on Monday sometime, but otherwise I'll see if someone wants to play on Sat or I'll just read and R&R for the day or walk or... who knows. Worry about it after I get there.

I'm still missing Wes and Bobby. I thought I finally had the set :(


CrankyOtter said...

Heh heh on the body reving. Although I'm sure that if I did it in the class it would be a little more intense than doing it at home so I shouldn't laugh too hard. My butt muscles have definitely got some strength to them from the legs workout.

I need a corner desk. The one that inspired me was from ikea but it was too country, then they discontinued it anyway. I've looked around and found a couple options but they are wickedly expensive and too big. All the furniture in this town is sized to fill open space in McMansions, not to be efficient and multifuncional in a condo. So I'm hoping that my new circular saw and some plywood will bring satisfaction.

FW2: We can totally hit up the bookstores here to see if we can backfill your Suz collection.

inkgrrl said...

Ooh, we live right next to El Segundo - what was the name of the custom furniture place?