Sunday, June 10, 2007

And yet, no.

Just got a note from tomorrow's date. Apparently disney poisoned him today so the date is off. Drat! I was looking forward to it. On one hand, if it's true, food poisoning is terrible. I got it the week before I moved and was sure the movers would be finding my dead body. I felt bad for 5 days and sketchy for a couple more. On the other hand, it seems an extreme way to break a date, should it not be true. Either way, it might be for the best as my foot still hurts.

It started when I bought some fun, yet adult, new taupe shoes. They were the last pair so they were cheap, but they fit great and match my stuff. They even sparkle a bit in the sun. They are the "I heart comfort" brand. And I thought they were comfortable all day until I took them off when I got home and found that the outside left of my left heel was bruised all to heck. It hurts a LOT. Not so bad that I couldn't run to the helicopter taking me out of the line of fire, but bad enough that I didn't run this week, squealed a couple times, and limped for 3 days. The acupuncturist gave it a little help yesterday and it wasn't so bad today. It would probably been ok for Disney tomorrow, so I'll try to run instead.

At least I got some work done around the place because I knew I couldn't do it tomorrow. I cleared off half the patio and swept in preparation for power washing. (Why did the former owner have 3 full gallons of the ugly kitchen paint? And why did they leave them for me?) I got the car washed. I cut up some veggies to make an omelet with in the morning. I cleaned a month's worth of crap out of my purse and restocked the band-aids. Which is how I ran across the annoying phone that doesn't ring and found the text message saying the date was a no go.

I also got some hooks to hang my pots around the stove, which cleared up a lot more space than I expected, and took down the oddly placed pot rack over the hood. When I opened the cabinets behind the bad rack, I found an enamel pot and two pencils. The pot might be good for plants on the patio, and the mechanical pencil had lead. A lot of ammonia and soap and a little shelf paper later and my pot lids no longer live in a pile on the back left burner.

Still, I'm not sure if I should be sympathetic for a suffering human or tweaked over the lack of roller coasters in my near future. He seems like a fun person, so he'll get the benefit of the doubt this time.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully, it'll work out... I was hoping for gossip :)


janet w said...

Well darn it ... how annoying! And Erika, a non-ringing phone: how is this a "good" thing?

I guess we give him the benefit of the doubt while thinking, "Fool me once, shame on you, ..."

Think we all know how that ends! Hope your bruised foot is feeling better!

Wade said...

Yeah, give him another chance, and if he flakes again...well, you have your answer. Good luck!

CrankyOtter said...

I talked to the guy last night and he did seem genuinely out of commission and sad to miss our outing. We're going to try to get togther before my next free weekend of July 7th, but it'll have to be a weeknight so there will be traffic involoved if we can make this work. I hope I like him in person. He reminds me a little of a couple ex-boyfriends on the phone - I don't know if that's a good sign or a bad sign. But at least there will be potential for gossip.

Normally, I'm not so cynical about people. This is a hard learned skill coming into play here, to see if there's a message behind what is actually being said. I'm notorious for just believing people are being my friend even as they are stabbing me in the back. So now, I have to not trust people first if I don't want to get into avoidable situations.

And Janet, the phone isn't a good thing. It's driving me crazy. It also has no external beep/ warning/ flash that says "check for messages" unlike every other phone I've owned. So only if I go over, pick it up, and open it do I find out that someone tried to call me and it just didn't feel like ringing. Next chance I have, I'm getting a phone that doesn't suck like this. I might even stop in the store (as it's next door to my UPS box) and see if they can do anything.