Monday, June 25, 2007

Leaving on a Jet Plane

I think FW2 has been here just long enough to have a nice vacation and actually be looking forward to going back home. We had a nice sing-a-long of the John Den.ver classic, but she didn't sing it like she wanted me to kiss her. Trip has been good. This long weekend felt like vacation for me too. Decided only to take last friday off and work today so that we could both get some alone time. We're used to operating in our own space.

Today was a little rough. My dad called my cell and work AND the neighbor's phone because I hadn't returned their calls this weekend and he panicked because...? I don't know why. We usually speak monday night and there wasn't anything urgent we needed to discuss. I told them they need to email me before they panic and institute the emergency neighbor line. At least she was amused this one time. Then someone messed up my experiment at work. It was a box of wafers (read: supplies) on the hold shelf that I'd contaminated for a test and someone used them for other purposes while I was waiting for my tool to be fixed so I could finish my test. Gah! So some unknown tool had some contamination over the weekend and I have to start from square one. I spent the whole day pissed off. And not particularly troubled by that. Some days are just like that. I haven't figured out how to predict these days though.

Then I talked to my brother. Some jackass cut him off in traffic which caused the unsecured box spring in the back of his pickup to fly out and take off my brother's passenger side mirror and damage several other things on his 2 month old car, as well as leave a box spring on the freeway. After my brother chased him down the freeway for several miles, pickup boy finally pulled over but was obstructionist so my brother called the cops who were very firm about telling pickup boy that he was at fault. Here's a hint: if you're losing crap out of your vehicle on the freeway, you loose all right to be in a hurry or in a snit.

All this makes me thankful for the things that went well:
  1. I was working on a non-thwarted experiment and was running late and someone helped me gather the measurement data, and was cheerful about it.
  2. The techs working in my area were pretty ok with my hissy fit. One said he thought it was better to just let it out. I'll take him at his word.
  3. Beer. I remembered to put more Newcastle in the fridge. FW2 and I had some cold beer with dinner. We've had a nice little vacation. Book club ladies have been feeding us or stopping over in a nice display of friendship and hospitality. We've seen famous stuff, local stuff, met up with online friends, and taken advantage of the pool. But the beer is good. As is the Canadian Rye. Good times, Good times. (And not in that sarcastic way I usually use that phrase.)

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