Sunday, December 31, 2006

Diving in

Special thanks go to friends who gave me my username and blog title. Regular thanks go to the friends who contributed the also-rans. I must have been on a tear the day I asked for help, though, given the results. As to Cranky Otter, I have no particular affinity for otters (I rather like hamsters), but the way the sounds work together and feel in my mouth are very pleasing, and I just like the word "cranky" more than I ought. And here's hoping that if my mom stumbles on the blog somehow, that the "Bitching" title doesn't cause her to disown me. Or at least bitch at me for being unladylike.

In keeping with the blog theme, I'm supposed to come up with 3 things that made me happy today. But I'd rather think about yesterday since I pretty much slept for all of today. I suppose I'm happy that it's vacation and I can do this with relative impunity, although it means I need more acupuncture.

  1. I met another Suz Brockmann fan from the board, which I refer to as my online book club. Without that group of ladies (and a few guys) I would have many fewer friends in my new home. It's been a godsend. And I get to chat, seriously, about romance novels without people judging me in a negative way.
  2. I got to drive really fast and had other drivers either go faster or get out of my way for the most part. I love driving at night because there's enough traffic to make it interesting, but not so much as to make it frustrating, I'm not usually distracted by the scenery, and it's soothing.
  3. I ran on the beach!! I've had plantar fasciitis for almost 2 years now, but if I wear my modified Chaco sandals, I can walk all day without pain. I didn't know if I could run, so at sunset yesterday, on the beach in San Diego, I gave it a try. I ran maybe a quarter mile or so and it was fantastic. It's a little weird to call running fantastic, but I hate not being able to do things, and after spending a year and a half getting to the point where I was regularly running 5Ks, and feeling good about having run, it's been a challenge to not be able to. I think I'll seriously look into real orthotics in the new year.