Saturday, June 9, 2007

Back in the Saddle?

In looking through my tags, I noticed that "lust" only has one post. Maybe that's why my dating life is a little sparse? Either that, or that's not really what I talk about here. Or a combination of both. At least the "dating" tag has a couple more posts indicating that I haven't totally given the notion a pass.

But a minor miracle has occurred. I went bold in emailing a guy who mentioned liking roller coasters and suggested we go to Magic Mountain, rather than meeting for "the audition" (his words) over a drink. And it worked! But he works for Disney so we're going to go there tomorrow instead because we can get in for free. He was worried about sounding like a spendthrift, but I figure if it doesn't work out, we didn't drop a ton of money on entrance fees.

He sounds really fun from his profile, so I have hopes. I'll send someone his contact info, just in case I don't show up monday. I figure the chances I'll wind up in pieces beneath the landscaping are pretty low. About the same as eloping to Vegas. I really am just trying to meet some guys and see if one sticks. I want to get excited about this, but not too excited.

But now, I need to go unleash the power washer on the patio after I get the car washed.

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janet w said...

WOW!!! I am so last century ... I cannot remember giving anyone my contact info before I went on a date! On the other hand, I once picked up a guy at Ontario Place and when he picked me up for a date the next night at my house, my mum AND my dad just happened to be gardening. OK, I get the picture ... have the most fantabulous time!!