Friday, June 1, 2007


I'm going to be gushing fan-grrl today with 3 happy book related items of some of my favorite authors.
  1. Author Suz Brockmann has an excerpt from her next book Force of Nature (FON) up on Romance B(u)y the Book (or click blog link in sidebar). And a new picture with good hair. And a blurb about gay pride in Boston. She asked for comments about what makes us proud. Here's what I've got at hand:
    1. I left the safety net of my last job and moved across the country to shake my life up a little.
    2. On the gay pride thing, I was eavesdropping on some guys at the cheap chinese lunch place on Tuesday and they were having an interesting discussion on people who do bad things until the guy holding court on his opinion said something like "these people are so out of touch they turn gay" and I called him on it. I turned and looked quizical and said, "of all the bad things these people do, the one you call out is having a gay relationship?" And man did he backpedal like crazy! I was mostly disappointed that he took the easy way out instead of pointing out real problems. Turned out to be 3 nice guys, two of whom fix Mazdas, so I might even see them around town again.

  2. Author Jenny Crusie has started yet another blog. I'm excited about her blogs because she's witty and insightful and doesn't publish very fast. So go to her Dogs and Goddesses blog that she's doing with three other ladies and try not to snort your tasty beverage through your nose reading about the dog training classes.

  3. Author Eloisa James has a new book Desperate Duchesses which I got with a Bor.der's coupon and am enjoying. She has many POV characters because it's not all just about one couple, and that threw at least one reviewer, but I'm reading it like it's an ensemble cast and it's working for me.

Well, lunch is over and I have to leave early for a SWE banquet so I should get cracking.

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