Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Imagine your Hassle-Free Lifestyle

The title contains 3 of the 21 "words that work" for the 21st century from a book written by Frank L.untz, wordsmith extraordinaire to the Re.pub.lican p.arty. I saw him speak at the LA Festival of Books in a panel of 5 on media spin, and he was the only one of his persuasion. (He was also the only one who spoke over the moderator.) But I like language and I've been fascinated by the success, and, well, catchiness of the catch phrases the RP has been employing this past decade.

And so I went to the source. I can recommend the book as approachable. He tries too hard to appeal to a non-re.pub.lican audience, but I can get behind that as a member of the target audience. He's a little better with 30 second spots than a couple hundred pages. But I like how he explains why "imagine" sucks the audience in and invites them to participate, whereas "think" sounds like work; how "efficiency" plays as getting more for your money, but "conservation" is giving something up and getting less than you want.

I really wish someone would take the demo.crats (or the greens, or the liber.tarians) in hand and give them some home truths about how to speak in the media today. The moderate /lib.eral/ prog.ressive Americans need a candidate/rep to speak out in a way that allows them to control the soundbytes, make themselves look good, reasonable, fair, and sharp unlike what happened with the Ker.ry camp.aign fiasco. Had L.untz had been asked, he would have had Ker.ry tell the smear campaigners to go to hell - it would have made him look tough, gotten the message across, and redirected the media's attention to whether or not a presidential candidate should swear. A win all around.

One of these days the dems will ask Aaron Sorkin to be their speechwriter, but until then, I will have to live with using power words in my blog. Or maybe in my so far useless match pro.file. I've got a week and a half before the book has to go back to the library. (I'm not handing FL my money, not to worry.)

I'm not so sure I can imagine a hassle-free (h-f=1 word) lifestyle, but I think it would start with having a personal assistant. And a regular date. And exercising for fun, not because I'll expand like I've inhaled helium if I don't. And more affordable artichokes and cherries. And...good health and good sleep. Speaking of which, it's bedtime for this otter.


Anonymous said...

I wish someone would do the same with the Conservatives here. I have to go to a "do" later this summer with the DH... I think I'm going to say as much to the MP for my riding....

B/c that Liberal guy... CRINGE!!!!!!


Wade said...

Oh, cool! As you know, I'm a language geek, so this sounds like something I might want to read. Thanks for the tip.

Yeah, I've balooned up a lot myself...235 at last weigh in, up 55 pounds in 9 months. I need to stop eating bad food and get back to the gym.

CrankyOtter said...

Hey Wade - have you taken up mainlining beer and high fructose corn syrup? Or is it just the corporate sit at a desk and stress lifestyle? At least I'm not the only one who *must* exercise. Did your butt at least regain some padding? You were complaining about sitting on hard surfaces in SF last year :) That's me, always looking for the bright side. Thanks for the match feedback, btw.