Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Not like the Other

Some of these things are not like the other:
  • BodyRev legs vs. Running
    I have been running for my cardio, so I slacked off on the BodyRev legs in the last couple weeks. I figured that I do it often enough that I'm immune to sore muscles. Not so. Running does not keep me in shape for the legs segment. My muscles got worked. I call it validation that I do what I say, but FW2 called it showing off. Either way, it worked.

  • Cued Speech vs. Sign or Aural/Oralism
    I really haven't had much chance to practice or proselytize about Cued Speech in CA. I get my fix by reading up on it online. I seem to have an endless patience for it despite the fact that it's basically the same message over and over: Cued Speech is a closed system for visually communicating a spoken language to the deaf, with or without sound. Cueing to clarify the phonemes expressed by lip shape and teeth has a similar learning curve to touch typing. It is still considered new, being only 41 years old. And for the most part amazingly successful in bringing literacy and first and foreign language skills to the kids who are regularly exposed to it. It allows hearing parents to "speak" their own language with their deaf kids. I'm going to have to check out Daily Cues more often, and figure out how to teach a community ed class. Its biggest drawback is that more people don't know about it as an option. That is partly because for some reason signers who abhor oralism won't try it because it involves "spoken" language and oralists reject it for being manual. Yet it's both and neither. And pure genius.

  • Making travel plans vs. Blogging.
    I had planned to email my friends in Boston today to try to finalize a schedule for the weekend that is approaching way too rapidly. But I read a short story instead while my neurons kept pestering me to blog. Ok, and I also watched a lot of Dirty Jobs. When I *need* to do something, but not *right this second* pfft! I'll come up with all sorts of other things to do. Even if that thing I need to do is fun. It's brain damage, I tell you, dain bramage.


Anonymous said...

AMEN ERIKA! I couldn't agree with you more - of course of I'm slightly biased toward the REV....that said, you should mix running and revving into your workout plan. Running is great for cardio work, yet the REV legs will work your muscles in three dimensions (we also call this functional training) - so keep your Fires lit and keep up the GREAT work - HOOYAH!

Your biggest Fan - ALDEN

CrankyOtter said...

Thanks Alden, I keep meaning to both run and rev but I have to be a little less lazy. I did a little reving before leaving for a plane trip and it helped get the squirelies out. Or is that the otteries?