Monday, June 11, 2007

I Sweat the Small Stuff

Do you ever have one of those runs of luck where all the little details of your normal routine go wrong? It's enough to make you want to scream that the world isn't fair. It's the small stuff that you're not supposed to "sweat", but really, for the big stuff people will cut you some slack. When you're running late because of a day like this, they just think you're a flake, and that makes a body sweat the small stuff.

Woke up ok, almost on track to leave earlyish when...
  • I realized that my shirt was gaping over my boobs. This shirt fits great if I put a couple safety pins around the chest area so it lays right. I have a couple like that and I forgot this was one of them. I had to put the safety pins in without letting them poke through to the front. Yes, I should have done this last night, but I didn't think of it. Possibly it was denial. And choosing a new shirt would have thrown me off stride.
  • I had to pop a zit that was sitting on a nerve ending on the side of my nose and then it bled like crazy.
  • My necklace got tangled trying to get it off the hangar. I don't feel put together without a ring and a necklace, so I try not to go without.
  • I was out of peanut butter and had to force my way through protective packaging on a new jar to get the protein on my morning toast.
  • I realized on the way to the car that my pants are too short. They looked like they fit when I did a test fitting, standing in bare feet on cushiony carpet. But in shoes on concrete, they're apparently floods. sigh But no time to change them. Or my too short socks.
  • I got peanut butter on my fingers on *both hands* between unlocking the car door and getting in the car, so I had to wipe off the fingers and everything I touched.
  • Two different things on my key chain got jammed between the key and the steering column, preventing smooth insertion of the key into the ignition.
  • The slowest bicyclist in the world was crossing my driveway pullout during the first break in traffic so I had to wait another light cycle to get out.
  • At the right-turn-on-red intersection, there were four cars making U-turns which prevent our lane from moving. Typical volume is about 1 per week.

After that, things smoothed out. I got on the freeway and it was relatively clear until the standard clog point. (I still haven't figured out the dynamics of why it clogs there, but if someone wants to go faster than you, get out of their way especially if you can't be bothered to pay attention to your uphill speed, yes, even if you're already speeding.) The traffic at the freeway exit was normal. I easily found a parking spot. My computer booted up with no trouble (although Lotus notes is balking at closing messages for some reason). But by then it was to late. Instead of being here on time or early, I was 7 minutes late.

And that's the kind of thing that actually makes me sweat. I think that if I get my energy level sorted back out I'll be able to wake up a little easier and leave a little earlier. But until then, days like this where I hit the snooze until the last possible moment, drop the last pill from the bottle on the floor, fumble the keys, tangle the necklace, get peanut butter on the seatbelt strap, and run into unexpected traffic are going to plague me.

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Anonymous said...

Hate those kinds of days. You wonder if it comes with a "do over" if you could just crawl back into bed.

Found something in the book I'm critiquing about energy levels and thought of you.... will leave myself a note. If there isn't an email waiting for you about it in the morning.. remind me.