Thursday, May 10, 2007


Well that was a nice adventure with the book club login today...not. God forbid I don't post so often that if my cookies expire or get deleted that I won't be able to post as me any more. What's that all about? Sheesh! I do like that I don't have to sign in for every leetle post, but a bit of instruction would have gone a long way. Rant off.

On the plus side:
  1. A book club friend is in town with her husband and we had dinner tonight. She has officially stopped treatments for cancer and her hair has grown back in. It's different than before, but definitely all there! Her husband treated us to a wine tasting and dinner. I'm glad I decided we should go somewhere I could walk to. They were nice and let me talk at them all night. Between the wine and about 6 months of dinner conversation dammed up in my head, I couldn't get myself to shut up for even a moment. Thank goodness they like me, because they got a LOT of me. I'm hoping they can/want to escape from their family long enough to see her/them again and maybe introduce another board friend. I promise to let someone else talk at least part of the time.
  2. I got more orders for glass! Enough orders that I can justify signing up for several blow times at the studio, and really need to get more color and equipment. I ordered about $900 in glassblowing pipes from Spiral Arts today. I also looked up the optic molds I need to get for pumpkin making. This means I was a little useless for a while today, but I'll get to things soon.
  3. The CEO announced that we're getting a bonus. Not a dot-com boom sized bonus, but still more than zero. I'm thinking I should put it to a Roth IRA as I decimated mine to buy the condo.

Still need to organize the patio, decide on a sofa already (See, the glass pipes will generate income, the sofa not so much), and try to organize my weekends for the summer. I think I'm losing control of the schedule already.

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Wade said...

Will you post pictures of your glass when you produce some works?