Thursday, May 17, 2007

Bye Bye Boston +365

It doesn't seem like it, but it was a year ago today that the movers came to pack up my life in Boston and ship it to CA. I was able to go back to my apartment the following day while the Super was repainting it and I think it was good because there was *nothing* of me left there. It was just an empty white box with 1920s trim, hardwood floors, and a fantastic view that had nothing whatsoever to do with me anymore. I'd been a little v'klempt about leaving the place but that got me over it in a hurry.

While I'm rehashing my week of limbo - not still there, not yet here - I'd like to thank the lady downstairs, whom I wish I'd met months earlier, for helping me carry the last of the "chowdah" to the car, taking my extra stuff, and forwarding my mail (that which slipped through the U.S.P.S cracks) for a few weeks. I'd like to thank my friends for letting me crash at their various houses on my way out of town. And for rescuing my safety glasses's sideshields from the gowning room; I still use them. I still have fond memories of my last breakfast at the Miracle. Don't remember what I ate, but it was a fine send-off.

And everything has been great except for missing my friends. (Well, that and the bureaucratic nonsense and $$$ in dealing with the car.) I still think it's funny that we had to cancel the Memorial Day going away picnic for J&S because I had been planning it and actually moved first. It's nice to have a job where I'm appreciated and don't have to sustain the laserscribe anymore (although I am backup...). I've made a lot of new friends out here, and my old (and new) friends read the blog and we chat every so often, so it's all good. For the lonlier times, I somehow acquired a pile of 6 DOZEN books while at the motel. Some were loaners, some were not. Thanks to the person who suggested packing a few favorites in the keep-with-me luggage!

It was kind of fun living in the motel for a few months. I had a fridge so I could keep fresh fruits and veggies, and it was cheaper than living here and someone cleaned my room every day and there were donuts for breakfast and I walked to work and spent weekends on the beach or driving through spectacular scenery. Thanks to my friend who convinced me not to linger half there and half here, or I might still be in limbo. It was, amazingly, harder to leave the motel than it was to leave my apartment of 4 (really 7) years.

Well that's what was. What will be?

I'm finding people to have dinner with. I have hopes of making a go of getting the glassblowing hobby to pay for itself this year. Next summer I'd like to be able to have a booth at a couple of art fairs. (There are 2 this weekend I want to check out, including "Strawberry Days".) My architect friend should have a design for the kitchen remodel worked out soon. I will settle on a couch one of these days, so to speak, and get that in and set up the living room to be more functional. One of these days, someone will love my match profile and call me up. I want to finish a couple big projects at work before september. I'm going to catch a couple of weddings. I'm going to keep working out. I think I'll probably try to find a chorus, but if it's too much, I'll just sing along to the iPod for a while longer.

Thanks again to everyone who made this move easier for me. It really was a good decision and I'm happy I'm here. I hope you're all doing well too.


janet w said...

Oh lucky me, I get to say what all your West coast friends are feeling: Boston's loss is OUR gain!!! So glad you California came Miz Erika :) I will never underestimate the amount of courage and git-'er-done to uproot your whole entire life ... glad it was the right decision!

Alaskan Hellcat said...

I second Janet W- uprooting your whole life, by yourself, takes an amazing amount of courage... and you seem ready to take the bull by the horns and roll with the punches. Can't wait to meet you and check out your California life!


Anonymous said...

I'm happy... I have somewhere new to visit :)


CrankyOtter said...

Thanks all. I was really surprised by how freaked out I was after making the decision and before arriving. It was this heart-in-my-throat WTF-am-I-thinking feeling. And even though I could tell that it was the fear of change with hope of better things to come, it was still a bit scary.

And then I dropped off the map while I was at the motel. Didn't call, didn't write, just existed day to day, for the most part. It was good to get the 'puter set up at home so I could keep in touch better, even if not as much as I feel I should be. Like my exercise mantra, some is more than none.

And look, it has been better! And it's not as scary. And I've made new friends and get to see the old at the end of June.