Sunday, May 27, 2007

Steely Goodness

Good kick off to the long weekend.
  1. Stayed up too late friday night reviewing some Greek for the food festival I met a friend at today. Really, all I needed was 'efxaristo' and 'parakalo' (thank you and please/you're welcome) so I went a little overboard but it was nice to know I could refresh it somewhat easily. The food wasn't as good as at the Arlington, MA festival, but it was still quite tasty. There were several variants on the philo/nuts/honey dessert theme, vendor booths, kids activities, church tours, and more food. The setup was huge. And the souvlaki, dolmathes, pilaf, feta, salad, etc... plate hit the spot. Thank goodness I didn't have to give up the Greek food fests in the move.

  2. Invited myself over to a friends house for BBQ and picked up more new glassblowing tools. How cool is it that I know someone who can hook me up with stainless steel punty rods? And swaps books and feeds me tri-tip, artichokes, and avocados to boot? Then we got on a roll discussing how everyone else is wrong and we are right, so that was fun :) It is fun to hear stories about retail clients gone wrong. I'm glad I don't deal with retail clients. Now I just have to come up with something supercool in glass for barter.

  3. Zoom Zoom! Made it home in 50 minutes. There was traffic but it was light enough I never got stuck behind anyone. Had to slow down precisely once after getting on the freeway and that was where the 405 connects to the 101 and bends a little sharply. Heard some great mixed tunes by Casio on 103.1 on the way home. The midnight to three shift is neon noise (might not be work safe) and I'm still up because I'm listening to it on the computer. The only station I get on the radio is NPR and I live in the land of no quality EM waves, so I was pleased to find the listen-on-the-web option working well.


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janet w said...

I'll be bringing home some new tunes from Canada! Joel Plaskett Emergency is my fave so far: the new Canadian Neil Young according to my sons who saw him perform Friday night. Toronto is just the best city for never-need-to-drive but a week of being in the city is gonna do me in: too many people, too many cars, too great a contrast of rich & poor with crazy demarcations of where neighbourhoods merge from one into another ... really need to process my feelings a bit more: plus I'm everywhere I spent huge huge amounts of time as a college student so I'm in a major time warp too plus lastly the smells (say-no-more) in a Monty Python way ... hmmmmm, just majorally flashbacking :)

And I'm walking my head off and when we visit my mum I can use her BodyRev ... thank goodness!