Thursday, May 24, 2007

Such Great Heights

I posted too early today. There's more good stuff! At lunch, I found another reason to love our general manager. Not only is he smart, fair, and reasonable while still having a head for business, he let the band Pos.tal Ser.vice shoot a video in our fab!!!

Granted, this is not new for many people. The video came out a few years ago. But I just found out about it today and since I also like this album, I'm all kinds of excited. The long corridor with the silver metal on the walls and the ramp down is the entrance to our fab. The guy getting gowned up to go in is sitting exactly where I get gowned up to go in to the cleanroom. I've lost two pens in the grated floor. The tool that has the heads that flip over is a plating tool that I'm the backup sustainer for.

There was some artistic license: The wall studded with air nozzles is not ours. We don't wear those clear full face shields; we wear safety glasses and a mesh filter over the nose/mouth (think white burkha). We don't handle or pass wafers by hand; we use a vacuum wand. The pick-n-place and packaging machines (start of 3rd minute) are not from the building I work in.

But if you want to know where I work? This is it. And it's artistic!

Three new good things
  1. General Manager is super cool!
  2. Pos.tal Ser.vice video! Shot where I work!
  3. Exclamation points!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting that video. I absolutely loved it.