Tuesday, May 8, 2007

We didn't start the fire!

I answered a survey recently about whether I like to go exploring or sit on the beach. I answered exploring as usually I get all antsy if I sit still too long and get bored being on the beach. I think my answer to that question may change.

All beach vacations should be like this one I just had. I met up with some friends to hang on the beach. I met up with my Aunt to hang on the beach and go exploring. Very relaxing. Had some good food. I did a fair amount of walking a couple days, bodyreved one day, and tried to kill myself by running on the beach on the hottest day.

It was in the morning, but wow, it's hard work to run on the beach! It was nicely motivational when a hot guy gave me the thumbs up though. I got hot enough to take off my top and expose my pasty white belly to the world, something I haven't done in a loonnnnggg while. Since the rest of the beach goers didn't die of shock, I left it off when I went into the water and managed to pink up nicely.

I'm pretty pleased with my sun exposure management plan. Between covering up, heading for shade, and wearing sunscreen, I didn't get any more burned than a light pink even though I spent a long time outside and got plenty of sun. Sun umbrellas are the key, I think, to staying out on the beach without needing to escape. That and people to make me laugh and bring me drinks.

It turns out that eastern Gulf water is nicer than Atlantic or Pacific water, or even western Gulf water, in my experience. It was lovely to wade and float and swim in. I worried a bit that there didn't seem to be any fish. Although I like it that way for swimming, it seems unhealthy. I hear tell a manatee came by after a school of fish. Naturally, that was moments before I returned to the water and I had to take the word of other people. So the water isn't dead, just very clear, shallow, and did I mention warm and beautiful?

My aunt pointed out that most of the water in Florida is very shallow. It's also very green. It's odd to think of the Gulf as having negligible tides. It's connected to the Atlantic ocean by a not inconsiderable width of water, why aren't there huge tides? I'm not sure I understand. But it was worth leaving southern California for a beach vacation elsewhere, even though it sounds a little pointless. The water here is chilly, after all.

As to the post title, when I flew out this morning, we could smell the brush fire smoke from either the Florida or Georgia fires. Then I landed back in LA and while driving north on the 405 looked to my right and saw huge plumes of smoke coming from the hills to the east. Apparently both the southeast and southwest are on fire. I didn't do it. [update: Griffith Park is aflame.]

I'm going to go finish unpacking and try to wrap my mind around going back to work. Or maybe I'll just sit around ignoring reality for another few hours.


Alaskan Hellcat said...

Glad you had a good time, and made it back to Cali...

Alaskan T

p.s. I didn't start the fire either!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great holiday.

(I promise not to sulk with envy too much :) )


Quiche said...

you know it does look might suspicious...fires in Florida while Erika is there...fires in LA when Erika returns hmmm.

Also, the secret life thing, you're not supposed to let people know you are running hither and yon sans a shirt (that's what makes it secret shhh). Kudos on the thumbs up from hot dude.

CrankyOtter said...

It was a great holiday. Don't know that I'll ever get the chance to repeat it.

Usually it takes about 3-4 strong drinks before I take my top off. Who knew that heat exhaustion would work just as well? Speaking of which. Bedtime for this otter.