Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Squeaky Clean

After taking a sexual preference test on okcupid (OK cupid, not "occupied" as I originally parsed it) in which I did not score on the clean side, I'm wondering why my fabulousness isn't being appreciated by the men of match in my area. Guys! I read romance novels! Think about what this means in terms of my continuing education...

But in the meantime, my teeth are squeaky clean. I've been running my tongue over them all afternoon. I finally found a dentist who came with a recommendation which didn't include a wince and a caveat. And she's a woman - Go Team! I stopped in after getting my first Hep-B vaccine to make an appointment. Their 1 o'clock wound up canceling so they just took me right then. It worked out for everyone. I like this doc. She was thorough but not concerned with selling me extras.

They took a million X-rays. I've had the full head shot before, but this was full mouth with the little bits they stick in your mouth. 18 times. It did give a good view of my teeth all the way to the roots though. And with the aid of genetic blessings (dad's teeth, not mom's) and Tom's of Maine Wintermint twice a day, I have no cavities! I was actually expecting a couple because I've got trouble areas that a previous dentist wanted to charge money to fix, so I'm thrilled.

Of course I had to eat Taco Bell right after. It felt a little like a crime against nature, but $2 for 2 tacos to go with my cherries and apple slices was fast and tasty. And my sauce pack said, "At night, the sporks pick on me".


Anonymous said...

"Continuing education" indeed. Poor doofuses don't know what they're missing. Do you ever wonder how ANYBODY manages to connect with a significant other? Really, think about the process, the variables,the odds ...

Hang in there.


Anonymous said...

I kept mine b/c he didn't tell me "you may have said this... but you meant that". And after the 2nd date... you could talk about everything... which also means I have to put up with some of those male behaviours... :)

Guess I'll keep him a little longer :)


Wade said...

Finding SOs is a tricky process. Even with all the effort put into the process, it really comes down to luck.

CrankyOtter said...

I still have hopes on the dating front. I look at all the doofuses that have found love and know that it's possible! Although I'd settle for a regular dinner companion at this point.

I think now that I can find some energy again that it will go better.