Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Breathe (2AM)

Ok, so I'm recycling a title. So sue me. But I finally exercised the gym membership today and hit up the Yoga class. Yoga is all about the breathing. I did pretty well with it, having an unknown instructor with new choreography. I did a LOT of down dog and plank and was able to do everything except the "crocodile" (think low hold pushup) and the full duration of side planks (although I did some). I wish she was better about subtleties, but being able to see myself (shudder) in the full length mirror, my form was good, which pleased me, even if the belly is still frightful.

Why can't I be magically thinner? I eat food that is good for me. All those dieting tips about "don't do this; eat A instead of B"? I DO that already. I try to make my bulk eating occur with low cal veggies. And I did all my exercise this week. I did miss 15 minutes monday but did 45 yesterday and an hour today. I hit my 30 minute/day goal. Maybe I expect instant gratification. I certainly prefer it. But it kills me to see people who eat similarly or worse and exersize about the same or less that have many fewer troubles with the bulge. Gah!

Anyhow, I'm procrastinating packing. I have until 10pm thursday to get my stuff together before the red-eye. I'm headed to Florida tomorrow and I suppose I'll just take what I'm wearing in this weather. People in CA are not so stoked to go to FL judging by the reactions I'm getting which are mostly confused looks. But my aunt lives there and I'm meeting some friends and it just happens to be the place they picked and I'm pretty easy about these things. Plus, the water could be swimmably warm if there are no shark warnings.

My rant of the day is political though. GWB vetoed the budget from congress because of the NON-BINDING resolution about when to pull out of Ira.q. I admit that I would prefer a list of milestones to a list of dates for this sort of thing, if we don't plan an indefinite occupying force like we keep in Germany. But all that aside, the Pres could have taken the money and run, completely ignoring the NON-BINDING codicil. But no, he wants it wrapped in pretty paper of his choosing, refusing the imperfect offering in pure king of the mountain, bullying "thank you sir, may I have another" style. This is driving me crazy!!

Any time GWB doesn't like someone, he accuses them of "playing politics" and the "News" outlets repeat the comment over and over, even on NPR. I wish someone would stand up and say, "I don't play politics, I'm a trained professional and I get paid for this." My special favorite was when he accused democrats of "staging political theater". At the time of this comment, he was on stage with several veterans in uniform and children of vets at a press conference for a pre-screened audience. To say "it takes one to know one" just seems childish so I'll call it irony.

Vacation. Tomorrow. In with the love; out with the Jive. Breathe in. Breathe out. Just breathe.




Erika! Love your post and congrats about Yoga class - yeah, I hear you about stretching and breathing - can put me to sleep sometimes when I do it...but GOOD for you to try it!!!

DON'T BEAT YOURSELF about food - keep it in moderation - live life and LOVE IT!!!


CrankyOtter said...

Hey Alden, thanks for stopping by.

I did eat a lot on vacation, but it was vacation. I kept ordering a little amount of breakfast food and getting a LOT. It was odd being the least allergic/ picky person.

Back to the regular food now. And back to the exercise.