Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Mission Accomplished

Happy things happened today.
  1. Noteably, I went for a run instead of falling asleep on the couch (although that hasn't been ruled out). During my run - my 4th in 4 weeks after about 18 months off - I do run/walk/run/walk segments for my set workout time. Today, I was able to run segments that were about twice as long and a third less painful as the previous 3 times. I'm still not in danger of winning the Ironman, as this means my run segments are now 90-180 seconds long, but since this makes me feel good and is a huge advance, I'm going to celebrate the goodness of it. Even more, I was able to power up a (very) gentle slope that has thwarted me thus far. Now to keep up with the stretching.

  2. Work went better than not. It was kind of calm until 4:30, and I probably could have been a little more productive, but my qual parts are moving on (finally), we made progress on the $ saving team, both meetings I had today were productive, and I was able to devote time to data analysis.

  3. Car wash! In Boston I washed my car about twice a year. Maybe 3 times. Once mid winter to get the salt off and same in the spring. Sometimes I'd have to repeat the spring wash if it got a lot of pollen on it. But in SoCal, there's a lot of dust and a lot of sun. Any sticky spot on the car can get burned into the paint and it gets filthy fast. In order for the car to maintain reasonable cleanliness and paint integrity, I need to wash it every week or two. I've got a monthly plan with a nearby carwash where for the price of 2 washes, I can go however often I want. They wash the outside, vacuum out the interior, throw out my trash, and then wipe down the whole car including the inside of the windows. For a car wash convert, I couldn't be happier about the whole thing. Unless it also came with a free frogurt.

Of course none of these things are single events that will ever be "accomplished". The fitness must be maintained, work will continue, and the car will get dirty again. But they got done today. And I am content until tomorrow when I will fight the good fight again.


janet w said...

Thank you for that sensible perspective: sufficient unto the day are the troubles within ... well, I know I've garbled that but you get the idea! :)

I've got to get a car wash plan like that for my Mazda ... the last in a loooooooooooong line of Mazdas!

Wade said...

Good for you! Yeah, I need to get off my butt and start working out again. And I know what you mean by the dirty car; Austin is dust and pollen laden area.

Anonymous said...

All your and Carpe Ductem's fault... guilt... I went walking this afternoon. You know you don't get out enough when the neighbor sees you walking across his field and offers you a ride home :)

Car wash... what's that. I live on a dirt road so we don't usually bother.


CrankyOtter said...

Ahh yes, sufficient unto the day. Today, I need to start packing for tomorrow. I need to leave for the airport around 10pm. Yay red eye.

Wade - Go exercise!

Sheri - Good Job! I have occasionally been rebuffed when I offer rides because they just wanted exercise.

Yep. Got in my exercise this week. Feeling good about that. Exercised the gym membership today and took a yoga class at the gym. Thankfully my arms were strong enough that I could do most of the strength moves easily. This instructor added weights and "flow" movements which was new for me. Maybe if I try her class again I'll see if the weights work for me.