Thursday, April 30, 2009

Revenge of the Bromeliad

Happiness in pictures today. And go back and check out the pic I'm adding to the last post too.

The farmer's market here tends to have mostly common staples that are both boring and expensive. I've managed to figure out which things are a little less expensive and necessary or interesting and fun and how much I can eat in a week. Here and there we get some exotic or just fun variation, but it can be surprisingly uninspiring some weeks. For a while, everyone had multicolored beets which look amazing, but I don't like beets. The last couple of weeks, though, wow! This picture represents both this week's and last week's haul less a few fuji apples, navel oranges, and hass avocados.

Farmers market haul with multicolored foods

This is two weeks together because last week was a little weird. I had an event on thursday and had to run out without doing my vinegar rinse, then I just kept not doing it. (Can't cook, reading!) My kitchen drain hooked to both the disposal and dishwasher got blocked up. I tried various schemes to unblock it, but didn't want to haul out the fruits and veg and risk blocking the other side. The last couple weeks have been more fruitful, so to speak, and cheaper than usual. The strawberries that are usually $7-$12 for a 3 pack were $5. The new sweet grapefruit hybrids are producing. There are rainbow colored cauliflower and carrots! I couldn't resist. I have orange cauliflower and purple, orange, and yellow carrots. (And the kettlecorn people now offer a $2 bag, not just a $4 or $6 bag so I got some of that too and ate it before the picture taking.)

The drain kept me occupied for a while. The admin at work got me this gorgeous bromeliad when I got my tonsils out. I forgot to water it before I left for Vegas and it kinda died. Only not so much with the kinda. It made me sad, but since the plant just popped off to indicate its state, I just ran it through the garbage disposal. And suddenly, the drain ceased to work. Not even a trickle of water got through. I know because I tried all sorts of tricks: filling the sink with hot water, pouring in vinegar, pouring in drano, bailing out the drano and diluting the remains, running the disposal grinder, etc. Nothing worked. Didn't even seep overnight. Finally today I took off the pipe connecting the disposal to the drain and found this lovely ball of goodness. The penny is in there for scale.
large clump of gross stringy plant matter from drain

At first I thought the root ball had been the culprit, but I dug that out mostly whole. What happened was the leaves didn't really chop, but went through as long strands all in a bunch. When they got to the joint with the other sink drain, there's a pinch point because the T has a diverter plate in there to try and prevent both sinks from stopping up if one does, just in situation s like this. But the reedy bits jammed in there, spread out on the backside, and formed a really solid plug. But I'm happy I fixed it and so far so good on the drain not leaking. I put a dish under it just in case, but here's hoping.

In happier news, mom didn't send me a chocolate bunny this year, just the ears and some butter almond candy stuff. While tasty, it was not a rabbit. I would have been ok, but my brother got a rabbit. Mom said she didn't think I liked them. I don't eat them fast, and when I was a kid had trouble breaking through the body, but I use knives now and am better at sharing. She went back the day after easter and they were out of the normal size. But they had this! A solid milk chocolate easter bunny weighing two pounds six ounces. Let's just call it 2.5 pounds. It's GIANT. I ROFLMAO when I opened the box.

Giant chocolate bunny and door handle

I put it next to the manhandle for scale, although it doesn't probably help. Trust me, it's huge. And mine! But I'll share!

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Meowm would take a bite right out of the ears of that bunny right now!!