Wednesday, April 29, 2009

First Principles

When I want to update the blog but can't think of what to say, I just have to look up top and remind myself of the basic format available - happiness posts.

Today's sources of happiness will be mixed with yesterday's.

  • It can be hard to tell on the internet what is real and what is just an internet page. This site for BBQ and Foot Massage feels fake. But wouldn't it be great if it were true? I don't have time for fact checking because I'm still giggling over the video ad.

  • A couple weeks ago I went shopping for underwear and came out with new shoes, boots, and jeans. I LOVE my new shoes, boots, and jeans. Usually, I only wear jeans on fridays, but I needed to wear them again today...(Since I figured out the jeans were causing an allergic reaction and washed them, they're even better.) ...with the boots. I'll see if I can update this later with a picture of the boots. Check out the picture. They're like miniature cowboy boots and sound really authoritative when I walk down the hallway. I hadn't noticed the tiny things next to the taller boots but the saleslady brought them out and I didn't want to take them off afterward. I feel like the hottest chick in the world when I wear these jeans and boots. Add to that my swingy sweater from Santorini and NZ fishhook necklace and I had a fun outfit.

    small black cowboy boots with heels in front of orange wall

    It's saying something particularly since this is the first pair of Levis that has ever, in the history of the world, fit me. I just grabbed all the sales jeans in my size off the rack and tried them on. Up until I finally gave up a couple years ago, when I was superfit and the Levis still didn't work on my frame, I tried some Levis on at least once a year, hoping that there would be some alteration that would make them fit me. This has been going on since the 4th grade when I was still in kids' sized clothes. (Just shows you how well postitive branding from a young age will stick in the mind.) Turns out that Levis put out a style of plus sized jeans that have just a little bit of stretch and an expanded waist and they fit me perfectly. Once again, it's not what shape or size I am, it's a matter of the clothes fitting my shape and size in a flattering way. And boy howdie do these.

  • I seem to be making progress with the Diva tool at work. I do like doing process development work better than sustaining. But it helps when I can get repeatable results. I'm still kinda not getting repeatable results, but I can say that my results are as good as and sometimes better than the regular recipe so I have a hope of progress here.

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