Friday, April 3, 2009


I took two small videos on vacation to represent my excellent helicopter view and the wind gusts at the grand canyon. What I got was one video that under-represents how cool the helicopter view and ride was and one video that under-represents the force of the wind at the grand canyon. But I bothered to take them (and picture uploading to photobucket is taking for eh-eh-ever unlike the instant gratification of youtube) so I'm going to share, even if the vids aren't successful at capturing what I wanted to capture. They could bring you a collective 18 seconds of vacation at your desk.

I thought of doing the helo video while we were over some of the less interesting terrain, and my computer's video refresh rate isn't good enough to see if the shaky helo console is captured - the shaky console is what actually inspired the video, the view is the afterthought. And it's noisier than it felt in reality. Really, it's not as bad as I'm making it sound.

As to the wind video, I had really hoped to get the trees really bending to the gusts - they were twisting and flailing in the wind, but this is how it worked out. The noise is more representative of the fear in my soul than the view. They let you walk to the edge here - rather unAmerican of them, in my experience. Usually you have to go to another country to get this great opportunity to kill yourself over a beautiful view. Heights don't bother me, edges do. I'm considering taking a picture of my bruised knee, from a rim trail fall after dark, to highlight even further why I don't like edges or any place where an inopportune stumble or gust of wind could do me in.

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