Saturday, April 4, 2009

At long last!

After roughly 6 hours of trying to upload pictures from my reluctant computer into photobucket, crashing Firefox 6 times, Rejoice! for I have uploaded 114 pictures from my vacation!

Uh, I cannot post all of them here. There's a slideshow option though which I tried out for the first time. Here's the view of the road leading into my series of rather scraggly looking trees. We start with palm trees and progressively lose water. Naturally, I did the best pictures first. [Yes that was sarcasm. But there's a reason I have "landscape" as a tag.] I am pleased that I got something set up to post and managed to make some of this newfangled software work on my tiny-brained compusaur.

Pics tagged with "iJ" were taken with my friend's iPhone, most likely by him. Especially the "on the road" photos because I did a lot of the driving.

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S said...

I love the scraggly tree series.