Thursday, April 16, 2009

Talk in the Shower

Yeah, sorry, this isn't about talking in the shower, that's just the only lyric that popped at my from Jen Trynin's "I'm Feeling Good" aside from the "I'm feeling good" bit. I'm feeling ok. The irrational irritability of a couple nights ago, when I almost re-cut my laboriously grown out bangs with nail scissors to get the stray hairs out of my face, is fading.

My boss came back from maternity leave yesterday and is getting back up to speed. That's good. She seems to be doing well. I still need to see the new kid. We all gave her "high level" updates about our tools and projects and I rambled a bit because I think out loud. Maybe next time I should try typing it out first. Fortunately we kept it to a half hour of rambling and she seems to think I got a lot done on my primary project (because I did, and I wrote it up coherently) so that's good.

Her boss was looking for a ride to pick up his car (I think he got it detailed) this afternoon. He caught me looking at stock prices after the market had closed (my "sell point" has tripped and I have vested options above water and could use the $ but need to wait until tomorrow) asked if I was busy and I said I could drive him around. It was finally gorgeous and sunny and warm out after weeks of a kind of foggy dampness in the low 60s. It's amazing how much 5F and a little sun changes everything. So I opened the hole in the roof and enjoyed the SoCal spring sun.

It wasn't far to the car place but passed the farmer's market. I made the executive decision to hit the farmer's market early, on the way back instead of after work. It was totally the right call. My hydroponics vendor greeted me by name with a little shriek and a "you're early!!!" as if she was waiting all week just to see me. Kinda gave me a little thrill. All told, I spent an extra $2 today and splurged on a giant asian pear that looked perfect, and decided to try some sprouts. There's one vendor who just has vats of sprouts. Some are pre-packaged in baggies and from a distance it looks like, well, something we can't buy legally. Felt like it too. "Here's your 2 ounce baggie, that'll be..." Of course it was radish sprouts but somehow it felt wrong and I slunk (slinked?) away. I told the guy selling melogold grapefruits (seriously delish with an nice mild flavor) that his girls helping with the samples last week (on spring break) were helpful and he broke out into smiles. I remembered which vendor sells relatively cheap strawberries without packing the bottom of the pints with mealy mushy old berries. I also got a years supply of full grown white radishes (2 pounds for 75c!), a few Fuji apple seconds, 6 limes and 5 mini avocados. Really, I should have taken a picture, but I processed it in batches.

It took all night to wash, dry and put away the fruits and veg because I was distracted. I picked up a stupid little suncatcher kit at Target yesterday in the $1 bin (got out of that section after only $15, might be a record low). The suncatcher is a snail about 2 inches in diameter and the plastic pellet colors are green-orange-purple and yellow. The first 3 are my colors, the snail has a "wow, it's the best day ever today" grin, and I am a total sucker for making these things. I've probably only ever made two in my whole life but I always *want* to make them. So I made the snail and had more pellets. I dug into my extra fasteners drawer and found a couple keychain sized metal bead chains (the kind with the link you pop the last bead into) of different lengths and used some extra green-orange-purple to fill them in and now I have a freeform suncatcher with no hole that makes me happy too.

Then I flipped the used tinfoil over and used it to roast some veggies which I mixed into some pasta with the remnants of a jar of pesto, a spoon of the TJs sundried tomato bruchetta spread, and a slosh of leftover wine. Not a bad dinner, but I still had to put away all the veggies.

You can tell I'm overtired when I get supertalkative about not much and use a lot of parenthesis, like this. Still. Although the day was nothing monumental, the air was clear and bright, the vendors were happy - even the fruits and veg seemed to know spring is in the air and looked their very best today, and I like melting stuff so it was a good day.

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Junior and Orion said...

Sounds like it was a good day! Any day with sunshine is a good day!