Friday, April 3, 2009


Not quite overwhelming, although I was tempted to use that title, Iowa has essentially ruled gay marriage legal. This makes me proud to see that in the often heartless-to-the-nonconformist heartland, equality is making real strides at the same time I'm still horrified at California's reversal. (Seriously, how did this happen in CA????) It's not often that Iowa gets to bitch-slap California, so stand up Iowans and be proud to be more progressive than "those SF/Hollywood liberal elites".

And keep up the bacon production. Because bacon makes everything better and I think we can apply that aphorism to gay marriage too.
PartnerA: "Good morning wife, would you like some bacon?"
PartnerB: "Yes, wife, I would love some bacon."
Son: "Me too! I want bacon!"
Neighbor kid: "Can I have some bacon?"

Edited to add: The summary of the decision is wonderfully clear and an excellent read.

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