Friday, May 1, 2009

Three Letter Animals

One of my less known idiosyncracies is, for reasons probably related to a beloved childhood story, I have a thing for yaks. Big ol hairy Mongolian cows if you will. If I was not such a city/condo dweller and moved to the country, after acquiring a dog (top of the list is a Portugese water dog, how odd that Bo Obama is one of the only dog breeds I know about. Now they'll prolly get more expensive. Sigh.) oh, yes, the yak. After a dog, I want a yak. Or since they don't like being lonely, several yaks. This is kind of a latent desire. I actually know very little about yaks except that they have horns and lots of hair and I want one. While I hear they're stinky, it turns out their meat is not.

I'm a little on the fence about the appropriateness of food meat being pets or vice versa but this writeup didn't weird me out as much as I thought. Probably because yaks fall into the "barnyard" grouping, not "household" grouping. Not sure if I could ever have a pet pig due to love of bacon and ham.

I found Weird Meat via a link to this photo, which cracks me up.
ostrich face closeup
Is not yak, is emu.

Photo Credit Oleg Volk


Anonymous said...

Hal has been talking about getting a yak when we move to Oregon, I guess we can sign you up for a visit.


Anonymous said...

I've actually eaten of the emu. It's pretty tasty. I remember it as being like beef, but milder in flavor.


CrankyOtter said...

L: sign me up as a yak sitter!
T: Good to know about the taste of emu too!

Every time I scroll by that emu picture, it makes me snort with laughter. I asked the photog if I could use it for an icon and he said yes because I was polite in asking. Yay!