Monday, May 25, 2009

Fleurs, Old Carpets, Sliders

I got a little time in the glass studio today, made some flowers. Hopefully they will look nice and sell. I have a booth coming up at a local PTA sponsored fair. I only need to sell two to make up my booth fee, so it should be a little relaxing. Ok, so I need to sell all of 'em to make up the studio cost, but fortunately I have a day job. Even so, it was nice having the extra day off the day job so I could sleep for one of them and still do chores and something fun was nice.

Also got a look at flake boy's new house. I don't think it had been updated since it was built in the mid-eighties and they're doing a ton, just a ton, of work on it. It's amazing how blech a house can get. The boy has contracting connections so they have some of the work hired out and are getting very dirty ripping out some nasty carpet. They have some good ideas and it will be very nice once it gets fixed up - which will probably happen before I even get going on my new bathroom vanity, hall closet, clothes closeting... but that's because they're still living elsewhere while the work is going on. And ripping out almost everything all at once. They've already made good improvements in the landscaping so the neighbors are happy.

I wandered over to Claim Jumper for dinner. It was happy hour which means yummy tri-tip sliders, a discount on my fried zucchini, and a Tropical Storm. I can highly recommend the drink if you're staggering distance from home - stay far away if you're driving. One of these years I'll get back to having a Memorial Day picnic. On that note, thanks to the troops for being ready and willing to answer the call of duty.


MarciaBC said...

Does he get to go back to being cabinet boy, instead of flake boy, now that he is ripping on his own cabinets? Or maybe wall board boy? Just a thought. Oh, and can he come look at my basement? {kidding}


CrankyOtter said...

I did debate him being flake boy vs. cabinet boy here. I'm waffling. He's much less flaky when in his element, discussing renovation plans. It was cool to see him all excited about his plans. He's still a bit of a relationship retard though - not thru malice, but sheer lack of practice, which is why I put up with it. He is improving some.

And it looks like CA has more backwardass political crap going on - enough so that making fun of Kansas for creationism is too much of a pot/kettle distinction.