Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Yes We Can

It would have been "Yes We Did" but I have a feeling this citizen network that has been so painstakingly crafted will be called upon again in the near future. Sign me up. I can now stop wandering around, channeling Inigo Montoya, saying, "I want my country back, you son of a bitch." I can stop the muttering, but the forward momentum I hope is here to stay, at least for the next few years.

Hope in the form of Obamaberry Pie
(I love the internet)
obamaberry pie in rising sun circle design

I spent the evening at an election party at the house from which our local efforts have been run recently. Amazing. Whole cross section of america in there - old to young, a full spectrum of colors, and not a dry eye in the house during President-Elect Obama's acceptance speech. That's what I want my president to sound like. Powerful, eloquent, elite and inclusive.

The amazing thing about this race was that he pulled in hundreds of thousands of people from all states - even in states where Democrats don't usually put up a fight - and empowered his campaign staff to make magic. Obama didn't just pay lip service when he said "it's not about me; it's about all of us." I know darn well that it wouldn't have happened without him, but how great is a leader that makes you important too? The great dignity of that brings tears to my eyes. These campaign staffers empowered the campaign workers. Every single person at this party knew in their heart that the work they did was part of the win. Whether 2 hours on the phone, living and breathing the election, or giving up their house to hundreds of strangers because their just-too-young-to-vote son said they had to get involved, we all sat there feeling important. And vastly relieved. And proud of our country. And our hearts grew three sizes today.


Prop 8 is still too close to call but is not looking good for our heroes. I'd like to propose that any church that passed out yes signs during or within an hour of regular services lose their tax exempt status. Regardless of the outcome.


But damn. I'm really, really happy about our next president who described his wife first and foremost as his best friend.

Even some future voters are exited.


Junior said...

Meowm here:

I have to admit, at first I didn't like Obama, he made me nervous and I was just unsure of who to vote for. But then I tuned into the bulletin board and followed your thoughts and a couple of others who I know follow things like this closely and whose opinions I respect. You are the ones responsible for my change of heart. Your thoughts made me watch Obama and listen and I liked what I heard.....so thank you. Thank you for perservering and fighting to convince those of us who are unsure or undecided. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and opinions and especially for doing it in a nice manner.

Also thank you for going out and fighting in your state on the proposition 8 matter. I am in awe of you....always have been. Hopefully one day the world will accept gay marriage as they have accepted Obama.


Anonymous said...

The biopsy came back and it's benign!!! I hadn't realized why my chest feels tight but I guess my heart is 3 sizes too large too. I am just so eager for a new approach to government. An actual consensus and not just lip service to bipartisanship. If he runs his administration like he ran his campaign we might be on the verge of a wonderful era. I wish I didn't have a cold because I feel like smiling like a fool at everybody I see!


CrankyOtter said...

Thanks so much for the compliment Meowm! I really do think he's the best choice. Not just "anybody but Bush" but the best choice for where we are in our country right now. We've had 8 years of a divisive leadership insisting we think their way. Obama only insists that we think and hope and join. Not that we should think what he thinks. But he still has a compelling message that people who are used to being told what to think can latch onto for a while while they transition back to thinking what they want to, rather than what they're allowed to.

Also, I wrote my entry before I saw this
email sent by Barack
before his speech. Apparently I got the message even without reading because it's essentially the same thing I wrote here.

(if link doesn't work, copy and paste this)

I love that benign/malignant metaphor. It really fits this election so well.