Sunday, November 9, 2008

Best Behavior

Ok, I'm going to try to get back on my best behavior and take the high road. Learn and teach by example, all that stuff. We'll see how that goes.

I was heartened this morning to hear a relevant quote on, of all things, Trucks! on the Spike channel, which was tuned in for the Bond marathon.
    It ain't messed up 'til you can't fix it anymore.
One thing that is messed up is that we are voting on people's rights. I'm still trying to wrap my head around how that's ok. But I think most of us honestly thought that prop 8 would have little traction in CA. Maybe this is the kick in the pants that will really get acceptance, not just tolerance, rolling.

In the meantime, it'll be interesting to see who Obama picks for his staff. (Blogger spell-check still doesn't recognize Obama, weird.) I still wish that the candidates could float ideas for cabinet posts before the election, although that might involve taking their eye off of the job of getting elected and flirt with currying favor.

It's odd not to have the book board to go to though. I usually keep three tabs open - my email, my blog (from which I link to other blogs), and the board. I'm feeling a little rudderless. So I'm going to hop offline, get some groceries, and build some kitchen cabinets and finalize a carpet selection for my bedroom. [update: color "hazelnut", edged out "beige allure" or any type of green.]

Fortunately, I moved my renovation savings money from stocks to a money market, and have executed on my stock option plan - when they vest and are above water, sell half of them that week and sock the money away - and Friday got a much needed bonus at work (yay wireless!). I kinda ran out of money in my checking account this month, so the bonus is well timed. I'm definitely needing the savings to pay out on the cabinets, which even though they are relatively cheap IKEA ones, cost more than my monthly income can cover. But I have to complete renovations and not leave them half done or my condo will be worth even less than it otherwise would. And I want to live with the upgrades, not just do them right before selling (you know, in 10 years when the market recovers).

It turns out buying things like appliances and carpets is cheaper in a down market - I stopped by a local store this weekend and found some good carpet that comes with upgraded pad, installation, furniture moving, and no sales tax. As my existing bedroom carpet has stains and patched holes in it, I knew I needed to replace it, and this deal works out for me as well as supports a local business. I am feeling jittery on the finances, but our CEO seems to think the business is sound for the next little while. And the savings account isn't bottoming out, but I'm not funding a Roth and I'm not sure whether or not to go for the eye surgery in January either.

Now I'm just typing to type, I think. Need the board back to get the excess blather out so I can stay more focused here. One last tangent though, today's the 90th anniversary of the end of WWI. Here's to never having WWIII.


azteclady said...

Monday, E.

I'm feeling quite bereft without the board myself, but at the same time... well, I need the time off.

Some things were said--not to me, and I hope not by me--that I'm having a hard(er than expected) time letting go of. A few people surprised the heck out of my with their reactions to some of the stuff, and I need some distance from the whole thing to gain some perspective.

It does feel weird, though, very very weird, not to have it *there*

Hope your Monday started well, though, and your week is a good one.

Janet Webb said...

It does feel weird, doesn't it? I keep checking the board to see if it was all something I imagined. It says something about the resilience of people that their instinct is to move forward and re-connect with friends and people who have touched their lives.

And AZ ... when you figure out how to gain perspective, PLEASE share! I am always guilty of getting too close to the trees and missing the forest :D

Anonymous said...

okay, I'm using your blog as a suz bb stand in. I'm watching VP Cheney give a Veterans day speach and sitting closest to Cheney in a prominent spot is Bo Derek@#$ There wasn't a widow or veteran available? Were Bronson Pinchot and Steve Urkel busy?


Anonymous said...

speech not speach!!

CrankyOtter said...

L - interesting visual image there. Cheney and Bo Derek for veterans? Odd. Very odd.

There is another board set up, but since one of the founders is someone I hold in contempt, I will hardly be joining that club.

What I've been thinking is that even on the internet, while you can have whatever opinion you want, your actions - including spreading hurtful beliefs as truths - don't come without consequences. And while I can understand that not everyone agrees with me on every position I take, it turns out that there is a line one can cross where whatever good you do won't be enough for me to overcome the bad parts.

I was just reading in Collapse about how some really evil, nasty dictators did great things for their countries when imposing ecological limits. Without those limits their countries would be much worse off today, but one could also argue they are much worse off for the other problems arising from evil dictators. It was very timely reading.