Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Vroom, Vroom!

Today started out on the wrong foot. I couldn't, for the life of me, get to sleep last night. This is not my usual sleep problem unless I have caffeine after lunch, which was not the case. I think my mind was whirling with board politics and reports of personal grievances and people making stands. I remember seeing the clock turn 6:00AM and thinking, "uh oh". I woke up when my alarms turned off. Eit. Then my test runs on my tool were wonky. But it got better.

Three good things today:
  • My first ever blog poll is working! (Go vote at the end of the last post. No, I'm not adding the link, it's right after this.) I'm no more decided than I ever was, but I have a new blog toy. And some ideas on how to decide.
  • Someone at work organized a night out at the new kart racing track down the street. A dozen of us went round and round in our electric karts, which were zippy and more responsive and less stinky than the gas motor carts I liked in Boston.
    I did pretty well for my first time at the track, finishing in the middle of my heat. In my second and final set of laps, I tried some other techniques with the brakes and spun out 4 times. Whoops! But I figured some stuff out so I have a chance of doing better next time (they have lunch laps :) and whoa, are my forearms tense now.
  • Mythbusters were blowing things up on TV and South Park is mocking HSM. Finally.


gail said...

Well --- this should make you smile --- I got my pun'kin!!!!! And it is breathtakingly beautiful!! The dh and I are in awe of your talents.

We both have no idea how you could have called our lovely treasure an irregular.

Even marvelous people such as you need sleep. Relax -- breathe --- what was that line?

It ain't messed up unless it can't be fixed anymore --- or something like that.


Beki said...

Ever since I got my Keurig coffee machine last May I have been drinking coffee around 8 PM almost every night---and I wasn't a good sleeper before I started the caffeine habit after dinner. I need to give it up but I find it comforting when I drink it but not so much at sunrise---although it has been nice seeing the sun rise since I've spent most my life sleeping through it.
I hope your troubled thoughts go away soon and you get your sleep---otherwise you could get cranky. lol