Saturday, November 22, 2008

Reno Binge

I mentioned I was getting new carpet in the bedroom, right? While gutting my kitchen and sitting on the supplies to replace my bathroom sink and vanity. Yep. The bedroom is my only carpeted room; the rest is tile or Pergo-like wood-like floor. They guys are here right now and literally the only place I can sit down is at the computer. I've been hovering over them, seeing how it's done.

I'd had some notion that the carpet stretcher went all the way to the edge of the wall and the tack strips and somehow attached the carpet to the strips of nail points. Not so. They stretch the carpet from edge to edge, but the spreader stops a half foot shy of the other edge and they just bang the carpet onto the tack strips with a hammer, or in this case, the back edge of a dull hatchet. Or the front edge in corners. And trim with utility knives. The edge at the threshold is done by taking a blunt chisel and cramming the carpet egdge between the tile and tack strip.

One reason I didn't do this earlier is that my bedroom is packed with stuff. The store said they moved furniture so I signed up. They technically don't move boxes of stuff, but they did today... My bed is designed to be a storage unit, and there are boxes aplenty underneath, plus I had a half dozen other boxes of stuff. And 4 shelving racks of clothes, a dresser, and 2 end tables. They'll put the bed back and the furniture, and hopefully the furniture racks. I tipped them $20 already. It's a hard enough job without being movers too.

I'm always amazed at how fast someone who is dispassionate about my stuff can move it. They date unloaded the kitchen cabinets in the time it took me to shower. It would have taken me 3 days. Now the trick is putting everything back. One problem is that I don't want to put everything back just as it was because it was not working for me. But I can't leave it on the patio! I swept and washed the patio last weekend and this weekend it's even dirtier - all sorts of ash dust in addition to the usual sand colored dust. Ah well. I'll post some pictures. The piles of stuff are kind of horrific.

My neighbors are currently moving out (bummer) and are in the process of just getting that last little bit of stuff, which takes as long as the first 95%. The movers in Boston call that the "chowder". Or rather, the "chowda". They've let the carpet guys use their parking space so they don't have to walk far. We've been having discussions on how to get rid of stuff. She gave away a complete set of JD Robb books to a battered women's shelter fundraiser just before I moved in. I think once I have a good storage system for seasonal decorations and scrapbooking/art stuff, it will work better. And I have to part with sweaters. I did wear some last year, but really, I don't need a full set anymore. I know this but...

So I'm sitting here, with my view totally blocked by the giant pile o crap from my bedroom. Knowing intellectually that stuff needs to go, but able to think of good, or at least marginal, "reasons" why I need to keep it all. No wonder the top real estate market in growth mode is storage units.

Oh, and I bought a new dishwasher last night. Not to worry, I will not be keeping the old one.


azteclady said...

pictures pictures pictures pictures...

Yeah, I'm living vicariously through you :grin:

(too good not to share: the capcha word is "despar" --almost got it in one!)

S said...

Reno binge indeed, and I bet your bedroom will look much nicer with that new carpet that the old stuff. (Which I seem to recall was some puky gray/green shag?) Are you going to repaint the bed or walls, or will you stay with the purple/orange/green scheme?

CrankyOtter said...

I'm really tired! I'm making decisions about stuff and it wears me out. I swapped the paint supplies box with the camping box and now all the camping stuff is in one box. And the paint supplies are in a couple boxes, but sorted by function (scrapers vs brushes vs rollers vs protection vs sanders vs...)

Two of my giant bins turn out to contain old stuffed animals winnowed down to my favorites. But I don't want them in my bedroom So I"m going to have to fix up that closet area.... Or consider whether I want to keep this much sentiment.

S: As to the color scheme - I'm still in flux, but I'm going to get rid of the sage green walls. I like the color but it feels a little sickly. I have lots of purple bedding and the hazelnut carpet (style = "touch of paradise" LOL!)is an orangey beige with tufts of darker colors which contain purple. Mostly, I matched the tile. I figure the bedding and walls are changeable but the tile - not so much. I think it looks good!

Janet Webb said...

You worry me Miz Erika! Time to blog, to put in carpet, to ignore the FASCINATING article I sent you about glass blowing in San Fran ... just tell me that the Baker's Doz ornaments are a pieca caka (I'm trying to imitate AZL) ... and of course my DD who is back TODAY !!!! super yeahs -- I miss her so much when she's gone -- when I told her about what you were doing and the whole tropical Marley theme, well, what about some ... OK, substitute a word for a plant you don't want in your garden :D


CrankyOtter said...

I didn't spend much time online and mostly used my other email account because that had the tracking info for my glass color. So I blogged because I needed to sit down and stop pestering the installers. Then I spent a lot of time dusting stuff and moving it and sorting it.

Then I went over to work to pick up my glass color delivery. The granny apple green will be an awesome addition. Like key lime pie.

Now I need some sleep so I can knock out the ornaments tomorrow.