Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Voted my Conscience

otter breaks for herring
I hope you did too, if you're an eligible voter in this election.

I do wish they would put up better signs directing people to the polling place. If I hadn't voted there twice already I would have been confused. But this time there was a bake sale going on and a line out the door, so I would have been unconfused more easily than the other times. I was voter 86 by about 8:30am.

(Thanks kvarko for the election otter!)


Junior said...

Meowm voted early....last Thursday!

azteclady said...

Thank you, E. Your passion is catching?

azteclady said...

I am crying like an idiot

History has been made today!

Anonymous said...

boy am I relieved your conscience won!!!!!!!!


Junior said...

We didn't see the picture before....very cute! In case you want more you may be able to get some here: