Saturday, November 22, 2008

New Carpet 'n Stuff

Here's what my room looks like with new carpet and some of the stuff out of the way.

carpet with bed and stuff replaced

Here's the old (top) and new (bottom). If you notice something that looks like a patched hole in the old carpet, that's because it's a patched hole.
old greyish beige carpet with hole
new hazelnut carpet with pattern but no hole

They're not terrifically different, but I'm very pleased with the new carpet. The difference is that the old carpet was in really bad shape. It was dingy, matted, patched, and from the view of the bottom, stained from numerous incidents. The new carpet is more orangey dunn than mossy grey. Just for kicks, here's the sample on the old stuff.
carpet sample on top of old showing color difference

Now for the technical details. Here's ripping out the old carpet. The image is dark, but does show several patches on the door side, probably where a previous owners dog liked to dig. They told me the carpet was not the original. I don't know how old it was but it was pretty gross. I'd always planned to replace it, but after putting all my stuff on it, the idea got overwhelming. But there are good sales in these trying times.
old carpet getting ripped up

This is how the installers bundled the carpet remains for removal. They created a knot by slicing a 2-3" strip of half the width, slicing 2 parallel lines in the roll, and twisting the strip through the resulting loop. Pretty handy. They kept their knives sharp.
two carpet rolls with knots

The carpet pad is an upgrade partly because I requested it and partly because this particular short-nap carpet seems to call for it. It's much cushier.
carpet pad being kicked over concrete floor

Then the carpet gets laid out and rough cut to size. They replaced the threshold tack strips but reused the remainder. They lay out the carpet like this, bang it onto the tack strips on one side, then put the spreader in. They stretch the carpet across the room and bang the opposite side onto the tacks. Then they do the other direction. Finally, they do a final trim on the edge and tuck the ends downward.
carpet before being tacked down

I highly recommend having professionals do this task. It took them longer than I rather thought it would but they did a nice job including sweeping up before and vacuuming afterward. And moving all my stuff...

Starting here, ALL of this stuff got taken out. And all the stuff under the bed, which is designed to allow a lot of storage.
clothing racks in bedroom

Some got put in the in-progress kitchen
aerobed and dresser drawers and pants in kitchen

and the rest on the patio.
patio full of stuff with purple bedframe front and center

Someone walking up the staircase to the upper 2 units would have this view of my patio totally packed with stuff. It's mostly cleared back out again, but not entirely. And I took 4 purses and my old mauve suitcases out to the recycling and left them with another box labeled "free purses". If no one picks it up I'll go grab it and donate it somewhere. It still works, but I haven't used it more than once in the last 10 years. Very little other stuff left though. Yikes.
looking down on patio full of stuff

I'm making a standing offer of temporary SoCal accommodations for anyone who is good at organizing and editing stuff.


azteclady said...

Oooohhhhhh great pictures!And I really like the new color over the old one.

The good thing about moving (for me, crazy that I am) is that you get to figure out better places and ways to store stuff.

And I'd love love LOVE to drop by and help you... but I'm sorta tied to the other side of the continent for the moment... :sigh:

But your condo is coming together really nicely, I can't wait to see the final pictures!

Anonymous said...

I just cleaned out my shamefully crammed walk in closet which became a lean in from the hallway closet for too many months. I still get a thrill up my leg when I can walk in and take something out without having to wrastle it out. You just have to be brutal and lean towards throwing out more than what you keep. The keeper clothes need to be in excellent condition and flattering. You can only keep a few bummy clothes for messy chores (I had 8 pairs of "painting jeans", I don't paint!!). It helps if you can find a direct charity like a battered womans shelter, than you don't feel wasteful letting go of things. The same thing goes for stuff like dishes, maybe every now and then people need something like a springform pan but do people intend to have over 40 friends for coffee in mismatched chipped mugs?


CrankyOtter said...

L: Nice painting jeans story! Yeah, one BIG issue is my clothing stash. I'm rocking about 3 sizes right now, and just build on the layers. One could excavate it like sedimentary rock.

I did the massive cleanout before and it really made me more efficient - I could just put on anything I grabbed and know it was currently wearable and flattering. One problem now is that I've bulked up to the next size and keep thinking I'll lose the weight tomorrow.

Then there's the stuff under the bed. I need to edit that more severely. If I can cut from 4 boxes to 2 of High School stuff (letters from my chinese pen pal, Letter and charms from awards, russian vocabulary notes, etc...) that would free up some more space.

And having office supply storage would help. There's a plan for that, but I want to finish the kitchen first!

Thanks for the advice, though. I'll read it again before commencing the closet purge!

Janet Webb said...

You know who is a Rock 'n Roller in the get organized game of life? TRUDY!!! Oh, she sounds like she can be vicious when she needs to be ... you and I could split the cost of her plane ticket :D