Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Go Keith O.

Also available on YouTube

You can hear his voice wobble. The same way my fingers wobble when I type about prop 8.


azteclady said...

I have spent entirely too much time weeping over this--too much time because it should NOT have even been an issue.

Human beings, intrinsic rights, why the hell voting on this?

But I have hope--and going by my conversation with the family down in Mexico and with my blogging partner over in Britain, the world has hope. I have hope that this will reach the Supreme Court and that marriage will BE 'redefined' in a way that protects the rights of every human being--and not just of those who lean a certain way.

Beki said...

Thanks for the YouTube link---it was even more powerful hearing him speak than it was just reading his words.

I hope all who heard him or read his comments will open their hearts to love.

azteclady said...

Beki, we could always hope, but you can see here that there are people who can't.

azteclady said...

E, are you familiar with this site? I've just been looking at the vote statistics for Prop 8; very encouraging, I think.

Beki said...


Those were encouraging statistics considering that death is the only certainty in life.

We can wait them out although it would be better if change could happen sooner rather than later---but it will happen.

azteclady said...

Beki, I apologize for I wasn't clear.

It's encouraging to see that the gap between Prop 8 passing and not passing wasn't huge. It means that great progress *has* already been made, towards equality.

Yes, waiting it out would pretty much certainly lead us there, but change is already happening, bit by bit.

CrankyOtter said...

I heart 538.com
It felt like being on the inside track. I probably checked it 4 times a day in the last week of the election. (Probably not so healthy :)

I also saw a prop8 trend on pollster that indicated "No" on prop 8 was over 50% until the big money campaign started. I honestly think most people in CA figured that "this is CA, of course that won't fly here" and acted accordingly.

Steven Colbert just quipped, "CA banns gay marriage; next up, Iowa bans corn."

So progress has been made, but when put in the context of civil rights, when compared to arguments that kept women from doing things men did, and colored people from doing things that those with lighter melanin do, there is no argument that stands out as unique from those previous discriminations. And for all our patting ourselves on the back for getting better about race relations (which are better but still precarious), those of us who see the parallels are decidedly not patient with those who don't yet see the parallels.

Beki said...


That was probably just my weird sense of humor making me think you were referring to the comment about the older generation passing on to make way for the younger voters who grew up in a more tolerant era. The article saying there was no polite way to say that made me chuckle but in a sad they have to die but true it will change the vote kinda way. I am almost afraid to have a sense of humor now---too worried I will accidentally offend someone.

azteclady said...

Well, I did chuckle myself, because... well, yeah. It would seem that after a certain age, some people are just unable to change their minds, which is sad.