Monday, November 3, 2008

One Day More

Andrew Sullivan lays out why an Obama win is necessary for the continuance of America. I think I have tried to write this as well, but here it is in beautiful, coherent narrative. I have hope that I can stop being ashamed of being American, iff Barack Obama wins.

Also, don't miss these:

Yes, I do get the irony of these songs being from Les Mis, about the French Revolution.

and because I can't help myself (although there are about 18 more youtubes I'd like to put up. Search it for "old fat naked ladies for peace" and you'll see what I mean.)

The man himself:


Anonymous said...

AMEN. When I'm not stress eating I'm stress shopping and I heard Obama say "tomorrow" from the TV poised outside the Macy's dresing room. That gave me such chills to think we are so close to getting our country and our dignity back. Back to a time when thugs weren't allowed to trample our Constitution.


azteclady said...

You are determined to keep me in tears until Wednesday morning, aren't you?

(thank you)

CrankyOtter said...

I've been crying for days now. But good tears.
Tears of hope and inspiration. Glad I'm not the only leaky one :)

azteclady said...

Oh no, woman, you are not the only one by a looooooooooooooong shot.

Anonymous said...

glad to hear I'm not the only weepy one, I hope I can keep it together tomorrow at the's like waiting to see if your biopsy is benign or malignant


CrankyOtter said...

Here's hoping we hold it together.
Turns out the improv people who did the Les Mis YouTubes are just down in Westwood. After seeing the first one, the date and I went down and paid our $5 each and it was fun. Not as funny as reading some of Lorraine's comments, but I'm going to go back if only to tell them thanks for my day-before-election weeps.

Janet Webb said...

Erika, I dub thee First Blogger of the New Administration!!

I will pray they do three GREAT things everyday that you can blog about ... thanks for keeping up your original and heartfelt comments!!

Caroline is voting for the first time today -- I'm guessing it's something she'll never forget :)

OMG: the word verification is healig ... tell me that's a sign from above!!!!!

Karen Scott said...

I love that vid of Obama's speech to his colleagues.

My word verification: WEPTS.