Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fun Stuff

Playing around on the web today, I found fun stuff.

  • All kinds of crafty links which inspired me to add the sidebar "Artsy Fartsy".

  • Someone has spent quality time reconstructing the history of plate tectonics. In Pictures even.

  • Search images by color, for instance lots of orange and a little green. I can't figure out how to do a picture capture to post. My fav freeware or a PC is faststone capture, but I don't think it works on Macs. Then I'd have to save it somewhere, upload it, then post it. And I'm too busy playing with it to bother.
In case I don't update soon, I'll be driving to the back of beyond (aka over the mountains and through the char to my friend's mother's house I go) for Thanksgiving. Next year, I'm hoping to have the shindig at my place. But until then, Cheers! And Happy Thanksgiving.

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