Sunday, January 28, 2007


Can I just say that I love the X-Games!?! I LOVE the X-Games. I have no balance to speak of (I'm getting better with standing yoga poses), so anytime someone launches themselves into the air off a half pipe and lands it like it was nothing, I'm in awe. Shaun White rocks. As does (Danny?) Fisher, who just took first place in half pipe. They had air that was fantastic and made it look easy. There was some even younger kid in the prelims who you could tell would be really good some day, but was getting through on sheer nerve because his landings and transitions were so raw it was almost painful, even though his tricks were good. These top boarders like White, Fisher, Torah Bright and the Aguirre sibs are just so smooth! Sometimes I even prefer when they do fewer rotations with the high (15') air because it's just pure elegance put to alt rock.

Ok. X-games make me happy. It makes me happy that the women, esp. Bright, are kicking it up. I still wonder why I never see girls skateboarding at the beach out here. Only boys. And I'm not surprised at all not to see any girls/women doing snowmobile stunt flips. That's just insane. Looks cool, but is insane.

The other thing that entertains me about the x-games is when they show the superfans waiting below... it's always their sisters and brothers, or parents. Very few boyfriends or girlfriends because they're so young. It's so cute! Now, how can I find my self an adult snowboarder? Oh, yeah, keep trying to snowboard. Except for that weird edge-panic I get, and the fact that I can only turn left, I'm right on it.

X-Games was happy thing one. Happy thing two is that I met up with a book club pal in Santa Monica and took in the shops and atmosphere. We had banana pancakes for brunch, bought some Guess jeans on sale (50%offlowestmarkdownprice), and walked down the boardwalk. I managed not to get my feet in the ocean like all the other people who are in CA, dammit and are going to go to the beach! It was about 55F and not really beach weather. But it was nice walking around weather.

Thing three: I need a couch. I love shopping for couches. There's actually a leather one from IKEA that I like in the sofa w/chaise style in orange (or white) leather. I'm still debating whether to go with this one or a different one, but I'm kinda diggin' it. The legs are a little too spindly, but it has the right height, the narrow arms that don't hog space, and doesn't look frumpy or cluttery.

Crank of the day. My internet connection was out all day yesterday, the day I'd set aside to work on internet related activities. I realized when I called today, and got annoyed listening to their recorded voices telling me how much faster it would all go if I just logged into their website (don't get me started!), that contacting someone to fix your problems needs to address 2 problems: the issue that's causing angst, and how this angst is affecting your life. And if they just had a blow-off-steam valve for you to vent your frustrations before you get to the person you need to be nice to in order to actually get your problem fixed, we would all be much happier in our service calls. I would hate to be the person listening on the bitch line, though. and I would want someone to actually listen.

Well, my contacts are dessicating, so I'm off to put in eyedrops and watch more of the Dresden Files. Because the X-games coverage is over for now.


Wade said...

You know, I've been to CA twice now and still haven't dipped my feet into the ocean.

What do you think of the Dresden Files show? I know you found the books a little violent, but I'm curious to know what your thoughts are on its TV incarnation.

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time when I use to get dibs on the tv.... :) I use to watch the Olympics. And my fav was the winter season.

I love watching them ski and skate and do gymnastics... bores the dh.

I haven't watched sports in ages.

Who, what, where, when, why and how is the Dresden Files?? I've seen it posted a couple of times now.


CrankyOtter said...

Dresden Files TV show:

I'm up in the air about it. It seems to be a decent show. I don't love it yet, but don't hate it either. I like it enough that I'll keep trying to watch it.

Details: I don't recognize any stories yet, but I've only read 2.5 books so far. I'm ok with a Jeep replacing a Beetle as they are both minimalist vehicles. I thought he lived in a dungeon, though - I can't tell yet if they're at his home or office part of the time and they haven't explained the candles instead of electricity as far as I can tell. I like having an actor instead of a talking skull; too much CGI annoys me. They seem to use camera angles to make Harry seem taller, and he has large facial features so it works. (Book Harry being 6'4", which I gotta tell you, is big.)

So far, though, there doesn't seem to be a lot going on.

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