Thursday, January 4, 2007

On topic

My three items of happiness for the day:
  1. Acupuncture! It keeps me going. And now that I've found a local acupuncturist who speaks English and I don't have to get whichever Amgen employee is in the waiting room to translate for me, things are going much better. I'm not meeting as many people from Amgen, but it's easier just to speak directly. And the acupuncturists at this office give massages after the needle treatment. It takes forever, but it's wonderful.
  2. Had to solve a problem on a tool at work that was strange enough and urgent enough that I got to devote time to digging through the tool, thereby learning more about how it ticks, so to speak. But it wound up being something that didn't put product at risk (good) and had an easy and relatively quick solution (also good) so it should be back to normal by the production priority meeting in the morning and I won't be called on to explain my down tool (very good).
  3. I got my errands done with little fuss and no procrastination. I mailed a dozen holiday cards, returned my library books on time, did my Legs/cardio/abs workout, and aren't I fabulous? Yeah, this one is no good. I'm happier that I got cherries at the grocery store and they are tasty, ripe, succulent, firm (not spongy, al dente, need a better word), and bursting with cherry goodness.
B: Do they make bibs for adults? I had oily pasta for lunch and managed to flick the spaghetti ends all over on the way to my mouth, and thus oil all over my shirt. I managed to camouflage it a bit with my necklace and badge, but yechk!

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