Saturday, January 6, 2007

So... That Happened

Wow, what a weird week. Now I know, I get self obsessed when I don't sleep. Between Tuesday AM and Friday PM, I slept about 9 hours, and 4 of it was lousy sleep on the sofa, which in reality is a too-old, beat up loveseat a couple feet shorter than I am. I was a little worried coming home last night that I wouldn't be able to sleep (hah!) after drinking Dr. Pepper at lunch (I have no willpower sometimes). After the world's slowest ab workout, I started to drift off with the BodyRev still on said abs, and took myself off to bed. I have to admit that I'm feeling a lot better after FIFTEEN straight hours of sleep. Yay!

I have a friend who goes a few days at a time not eating much, then floors everyone when she can down 3 hamburgers in an afternoon. She's convinced that she's like a camel who drinks a lot then lives off the stores, storing up food so she doesn't need to eat quite as regularly. I'm starting to think I might be a sleep camel. If I sleep too long one day, I don't sleep much the next. I got a lot of sleep over the holiday break, and almost none after coming back to work. Or maybe I'm a werewolf and can't sleep at or near a full moon?

I'm going to do my 3 happy things for both today and yesterday
  1. I found my missing parts. I have a qual at work and one box of parts labelled "Bin 1" = good, were actually rejects. I managed to find the real Bin 1's in the reject box, so all's well. The interior labeling was right, the exterior a little suspect.
  2. I've managed to ask my friends about what's going on in their life, and not just telling them about mine. Despite my solipsism this week, I love hearing about what other people are up to. And I got some useful advice on my match profile in the mix.
  3. Cherries. I really love good cherries. I finished off my stash for breakfast, along with some yummy Tazo chai tea I got for christmas.
Here's hoping the rest of the year isn't this weird. Happy New Year!


R & R said...

Personally, I love reading about YOU, and that's what your blog is about. In a totally non-corny way, I find myself thinking, "Wow, she's deep." : )

People usually see things in us we can't see in ourselves. Have you considered asking some of your closest friends & family members to make a list of how they see you? You might be very surprised at qualities used to describe you that YOU never imagined...likely very close to who you are.

For example, just from the short time I've gotten to know you on the bb, I would say:

Cranky Otter is compassionate, humourous, intelligent, brave, fiesty, creative, ethical, open-minded, but doesn't tolerate BS well."

Imagine what those closest to you see?

CrankyOtter said...

Wow! I really appreciate your comment. I'd really like myself if I though to of me with that description. I do have trouble seeing myself through others' eyes. I'm such a mess sometimes I forget to look on the, well, brightside, and remember that I'm not totally defined by the number of avocado trees I've sprouted then let die because I'm too scattered to remember to water them.

Wade said...

You don't have the hair to be a werewolf. Now, me, that's a totally different story.

I used to fall asleep on my loveseat all the time, and finally got out of the habit because I was becoming a mass of aches and pains (way too short for me). Now that I have a full sized couch, I'm slowly getting back to sleeping on the couch for hours when I'm short on sleep.