Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Hot, but Disturbing

For my 2nd Harry post of the week... young D.aniel R.adcliffe has wasted no time and posed for his "I'm and adult actor now" photos for his upcoming performance in E.quus on the London stage. (Stealing the 'extra dot' trick from a blogger who's been at this longer because I'm thinking that word combo is going to be getting the hits.)

But I gotta admit I inhaled, I mean looked at those photos. And that boy is hot. Pasty white, still hot. Yet it's pretty disturbing to look at and think about how he's holding that leather strap, I mean how he's still jailbait. And H.arry P.otter. Yikes. I don't know that I wanted to know that about him or myself. If you stare at him long enough, you will notice that he has a really nice manly jawline now. Does that make it okay? I'm cringing internally. Really. I think the isometrics added a little something to the extra ab exercises I did, just in cases.

Dresden's actor is good looking, but not handsome. P.otter's actor doesn't have that issue. Backing slowly away now.


R&R said...

LMAO!!! I've had that feeling watching DS's teamates. Cringe. I don't wanna be known as a cougar, but c'mon...we ain't dead!!!

DTF said...

Like you, I agree with your HP comments... I think more than anything it surprised the heck out of me...little Harry has grown up. :)

~ Carrie