Friday, January 26, 2007

Isn't it ironic?

After the Alanis Morrisette debacle with Irony (great song, aside from the fact it was about tragic coincidences, not irony) I sometimes have to stop and think if something is really ironic or if my brain was destroyed by alternative rock.

So I leave it to the reader(s) of my blog... Is it Ironic or Tragically Coincident that the day after I

    (a) rip apart the first 4 chapters of a book for being horribly written and not entrancing enough to make myself not care about the flaws
    (b) take my first foray into posting links to other blogs, including "Romance by the Blog" which often features guest authors as bloggers

Ta Da! The guest blogger today is none other than the one who wrote that book with the chartered plane crash which I disdain. (And the fateful book appears to be book one of at least four.)

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