Monday, January 8, 2007

Back to Basics

This is fun. I'm using this space to rant and have an outlet for things that might not have an audience. A diary for exhibitionists. But I'm going to try to stick to my Original Idea, at least every once in a while.

Happy things today:
  1. New lamp. It's my first "Adult" table lamp. No, it does not have batteries nor does it vibrate nor does it resemble Adrian Paul with long hair wielding a sword. Photobucket - Video and Image HostingThe Lamp is a craftsman inspired base with a "pagoda lichen" shade. I would call the shade a classic, squared sage silk myself, but then I'm not an expert at product names. The Lamp is an actual base and lampshade purchased separately but to go together, from Restoration Hardware. I was forced to go against my basic nature and return a gift there (it shed too much and died in the dryer - don't get all horrified, it's not a pet store). The gift giver mentioned that she wanted to go for practical housewarming gift instead of funky. I think I managed to replace it with something that's both. Whew!
  2. In fact, let's hear it for alternate plans.
  3. Cherries. Yes, they are a repeat offender. But I had a chat with my brother about the joy of cherries and had to go get more after he described the sweet burst of cherry juice that pops out of the ripe cherry skin when they're just right, and how he ate 3 bags of them. I'm thinking that's about 3-5 pounds of cherries. If you're thinking about this too, you'll realize I'm just happy I'm not my brother for the next 24 hours.
So much for my intent to be pithy rather than verbose. I have a feeling that may never happen, but I always have hope.

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Anonymous said...

We have to be adults when we're over 30 because????