Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Squirelly Otter

Wow, I had really bad sleep last night. I used to have severe problems with quality of sleep but after years of acupuncture it seemed to be better. It seems I need to keep up with the acupuncture still. And stop falling asleep on the couch. If I lay down on the couch, I will fall asleep. I will likely sleep with a crooked neck for 4 hours. I need to learn this. So far: Couch=20, Me=1. If that. For this year, Couch won twice so far. Not good. Must stop fooling myself that I will exercise after I sit down. The activation energy to get back up is just too much for me on a normal day.

A fellow blogger alerted me to an update on author Jenny Crusie's personal blog, Argh Ink. She's written a great New Year's post about "indulgences" before moving on to resolutions.

I'm going to flop her idea around a bit and do my indulgences now, since I already did the resolutions. On the happy news front, some of them overlap.
  1. Read! Yep. I read romance. I read a lot. I particularly like
    • Suzanne Brockmann
    • Jenny Crusie
    • Julia Quinn
    • Catherine Mann
    • Mary Balogh
    • Barbara Kingsolver
    • and many, many other authors move in and out of the top 10.
    One of these day's I'll add their links to my sidebar, but not today.

  2. Blog! I have a tendency to be wordy. I like to talk. Sometimes I care about having an audience but not always, which makes blogging great for me. But still, it feels more like self indulgence than cheap therapy.

  3. Remodel my kitchen and and bathroom. Buy a new sofa/couch/davenport. This will be done on a budget but after 10 years of renting, I want to rip something apart and rebuild it the right way. Those spoon drawers will be a thing of the past. And it might involve buying more power tools. I seriously want a compound sliding miter saw, but might have to content myself with a table saw with a router mount.

  4. Take gratuitous walks on the beach. Translation = date.

  5. Pay for cable. I love design shows on HGTV. Dirty Jobs and Mythbusters on Discovery are also great. Food TV. I will occasionally watch Network TV because of That 70s Show reruns, but I think I'll have to rent a couple seasons to catch up with the Gilmore Girls.

3 good things for today:
  1. I stayed awake and alert at work all day despite VERY screwball sleep last night - most of it on the little, old, squashed couch. The rest of the night was spent tossing and turning. Gah!
  2. I did my exercise after work like I should. I'm not sure if this makes me happy so much as it makes me relieved. I really hate my love donut, though.
  3. Email. I was able to email a couple people to relieve the worry about the sleep. And they put up with it! Thanks cyberpals!
Now after all of that happy talk, I'm having trouble with the bitchy part. I think I didn't have enough excess energy after the sleep worry to get really worked up. It'll come though, stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

One day you'll fix your sidebar?? Geez, procrastinating already :) :)

It's a slow process.... maybe one day I'll even get mine finished.

Glad you liked JC's post, I did too.


Wade said...

I had a lot of problems sleeping as well lately, but I found that exercising more and worrying less helped a lot.

I love the Gilmore Girls, although not as much as I did. The current season seems to be lacking in snap.

Oh, and if you get the Food Network, you must watch Good Eats.