Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Site Updates

How is it that whenever I want to so something online, the site is updating? When I wanted to blog from the Grand Canyon, Blogger was updating - not totally down, but slow enough as to be useless. Now I'm bored with uploading pictures so I want to upload a couple dumb videos and YouTube is doing site maintenance *right now* and won't allow uploads.

Today was less brutal than yesterday as regards staying awake at work after two weeks on the noon to 4am plan of wakefulness. Kind of funny was during the first week I got a text around 1am from an old friend who was confused about which coast I lived on. I texted right back and got an expletive filled "I'm so sorry I woke you up! I'm on the noon to 4 plan and figured you'd answer in the morning." I wrote right back saying it was no problem since I was on the same plan and the same coast. Ahh, the good old days of talking to friends at 2am.

I was asked recently how/why I stay motivated to keep blogging -
(1) I like to talk. In the absence of that I type.
(2) Friends tell me they read it.
(3) There are ideas that I need to get out of my head, but want to keep hold of. Like the laundry sorting. Or designing low median flow faucets.
(4) I'm still not sold on facebook and haven't put in the time to figure out twitter.
(5) It's my equivalent of calling a friend at 2am when I can't call a friend at 2am.


Beki said...

I'm glad you blog! I love reading your unique take on things and I enjoy your adventurousness. And it never hurts to know how to remodel a kitchen either. : )

MarciaBC said...

I like these postcards from the left coast. I, too, spend so much time on a computer at work, I don't want to mess in facebook or monkey with twitter.


Anonymous said...

I don't have the attention span for facebook or twitter. I love blogs but twittering is a little too TMI for me.

Slightly off topic...I wonder what will become of the first generation of kids who are being raised by the nonpresent parent as I see moms texting on the local merry-go-round and dads with cellphones glued to their ears at the park.



CrankyOtter said...

Thanks! I just uploaded some videos which are the video equivalent of twitter. But hey.

L: Geez, something new to freak out about regarding other people's kids!! Oh, wait! Maybe this means those kids will actually be able to entertain themselves (while perpetually acting up to try and be more interesting than what mom and dad are doing on the side...)

Anonymous said...

thanks for the video... and I think of twitter as more of an "I'm eating a sandwich" nonsense :P