Monday, March 30, 2009


Wow. I just got routed to the TED talks and I can't break away. I've seen Adam Savage from Mythbusters discuss obsessive creativity, undersea light shows, health stats of world nations, interactive computer images, Wii hacks, and am currently listening to Jane Goodall after which I'll stop, I promise. Go to this site. Watch and listen to these talks. Be amazed at how much cool stuff exists.

My promises are no good. Go watch This talk on Bonobos. Jane Goodall is the Mother Teresa of science, but I wish we were more like bonobos than chimpanzees. More love, less jive.


Beki said...

I saw a brief news article about Bonobos recently---they said they use sex to settle all disputes so I guess they make love not war which sounds like a good plan for humans. Oh, and the females rule. I think I like Bonobos.

I will come back later and watch the talk on Bonobos---tomorrow I need to get up before noon so I best not be on-line til dawn.

CrankyOtter said...

Bonobos, they're like hippy chimps without the domestic violence. This video didn't focus so much on the monkey love, but was cool nonetheless. I was a little concerned that they didn't show so much response to the attempt at written communication, but presumably they do respond more now. I'm particularly guilty of being better an expressive than receptive language and coding. Cueing, ASL, and foreign languages I can blurt out more than I can understand.

I spent hours watching TED talks this week while trying to remember to upload pictures. I did make an effort to stop by 11:30 last night. (You'll notice this comment is a leetl on the late side, but I had a Dr. Pepper at lunch and only one more work day to muddle through.) After this one look for the orangutans - via the replanted rain forest. That's really cool. Might have to donate at