Friday, March 13, 2009

Short Timers

Well, today's the day. Last day before our 2 week shutdown. I'm taking one week unpaid and I'm still not concerned about that. (Better to have one week unpaid than destabilize the business. I get that.) But dang, I really, really want this time off.

My plan for today is to present some data to release some engineering test material on hold, clean up my fab and desk area, make sure lots are held at the right stages and locations, and make a list of projects to start with when I come back.

I'll be around for most of the next week, then my friend is coming out and we're headed to Vegas and the Grand Canyon and the helo tour. Please feel free to email me or comment with suggestions about good hotels to stay in or the "must see" things in either place. I've gotten as far as pricing some hotels and tours at expedia, but I've never been and don't have a good sense of what to spend my time on. Except good food... I should email my foodie friends about their Vegas haunts.

If you were waiting for me to email you will all my free time, I've been using most of that time to sleep. It's the perpetual hope that I'll actually get through my list regularly, but so far, not yet. And I know that when I'm away from the office, I tend to be offline a lot more. Can I go home yet?

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Anonymous said...

I'd suggest eating at Mon Ami Gabi at Paris Hotel in Vegas. It has salads, steaks, seafood and you can sit outside and people watch. Just a very relaxed, different vibe for Vegas. There aren't a lot of accomodation choices in the Grand Canyon so I'd recommend booking before you get there. ....and if you go out on that glass thing please don't tell me about it because it scares the bejeezus out of me!