Sunday, March 8, 2009

Cabin Fever

It turns out that even when you live in Southern California, you can get cabin fever. Today's remedy was taking a road trip to San Diego with a book club friend and mother of 4 who was ready for a soccer free afternoon. We'd considered going last weekend, but that was too optimistic. Even though I slept all day yesterday, I felt fine today. I only woke up about 20 minutes later than I'd planned to, which isn't bad considering the time change.

We've done this a couple times in the past. I start out in the AM, pick her up and then we head on down. Today, the traffic was moving so fast (I was closer to on time and we didn't linger in OC) we drove until we saw the "last exit in US before Mexican Border" sign. Oops. We managed to get turned around, then headed - via several one way streets through downtown - for Con Pane, my favorite bakery. It's over west off Rosecranz past the airport. After managing to stop short so as not to get hit by someone running a read light (why are all my close calls in San Diego?), we had some super turkey club sandwiches with sundried tomatoes and avocado on artisanal bread. I also bought a couple loaves to bring home and freeze. Love the cheese and chive bread.

The bakery was packed, so we headed up the scenic neighboring street, Canon/Canyon, which wound its way around to Point Loma, Cabrillo National Park. We parked near the exhibit and gift shop buildings, took in the view of the Pacific and all the boats cruising into the waterway between the point and Coronado, and in general had a peaceful time. Afterward we drove down on the far west side to go play in the tide pools. I managed to do it with shoes on; my friend took hers off and walked through all the slime algae and seaweed. I was impatient and was looking for big scuttling things. Due to my friend's patient observance, we managed to find all sorts of tiny little crabs tucked in rock crevices that would dart out to pick algae off the rocks and eat. She also found a hermit crab. The place was covered with anenomies which looked like patches of congolmerate shell because they grab onto scrap shells for camo. Of course, once you know they look like little shell patches, it makes them easier to find.

We had a nice soothing day and decided to head back not long after. There was pretty much no line for us when we entered, but we passed maybe 50 cars queued up to enter when we left. It wasn't a matter of parking, as there was plenty. But we couldn't figure out why so many people were entering an hour an a half before closing, with an extra hour to wait for sunset. Traffic was pretty decent headed back up as well and we made it back to her stomping grounds in time to catch the used book store. I picked up one book, she got about 5. It would have been easier if I'd brought my list. (There are some authors whose names I remember, but I can't remember if it's because I hate them or want to try them. But I took the auxilliary bag, sans list, sans passport.)

We also had a nice chat after we got back. A couple of her kids ran through to say hi on their way to dinner with dad, who had been in charge for the afternoon. Then she did some picking up while we chatted and I tried (mostly successfully) to level a pair of skewed cabinet doors. After that, we went shopping in her yard. I got to bring home a big bag of citrus, which I have healed enough to eat again. I just finished my glass of lemon-orange-ade. Yum.

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Meowm is envious......time spent near/in the ocean!