Monday, March 2, 2009

Awakened by Ass Demons

I had my first post-op appointment today. The assessment is that I'm healing normally, which is to say I really shouldn't try cauliflower again until after thursday or friday. (I haven't yet tried over-steaming or over-boiling it and then pureeing it, but anything less than that seems to be akin to swallowing sandpaper.) My throat still looks "terrible" but normal. (There's white goo back there as if I had strep.)

The ENT doc was tricky. He didn't warn me that he would be vacuuming goo out of my nose until it was too late to do anything. It got rid of some 'scabby' mucous that was plugging up the works and re-stored my breathing to more what it was like the day of the surgery. (It has been progressively plugging up.) The procedure wasn't so much painful (he used a numbing spray) as awkward, invasive, and unpleasant. Still and all I squirmed like a 5 year old who won't eat anything if something green is touching his mac-n-cheese trying to escape the booster seat after an errant pea incident. Now that I can breathe so much better I wish I'd been less of a freak and let him do a better job. Good/Bad news is that he'll do the same thing in 2 weeks.

I was still tired today, but felt better than last week. I still get the shakes a little and need more layers to keep warm than usual. Might just need to eat more, so I picked up some snack foods after work, just in case. My dinner was mostly snack stuff: fresh snap peas (iffy on throat), fresh papaya (ok), Doritoes (totally fine on the throat :), yoplait yogurts (fruit mixed in), deli ham, and a tortilla with PB&J. I washed it down with a juice high in omega 3s. Go me.

Then I proceeded to fall asleep about 4 times during Heroes, and slept similarly fitfully halfway into the Daily Show. I finally got up, staggered to the bathroom and felt certain I could do my bedtime routine without awakening until the ass demons came back. They had previously attacked after getting home from work which I thought would satisfy them, and threatened earlier in the day but not mounted a concerted attack. But no, after 11 days of corkage, the drainage system is asserting itself. And in the process, waking me up. The consequence is this TMI post. Sorry bout that.

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