Sunday, March 1, 2009

New Plan

Sleep all day. Got a text from the boy this morning saying he wanted to cancel today's outing after our "big night" last night. Can't say I was sorry because I pretty much slept all day. The only tricks with doing this are (1) going back to bed now and (2) not beating myself up for losing a day. This time at least, #2 should be easier because I am recovering from surgery and pretty much planned to take it easy this weekend. If I ever wanted a good reason to not have a boob job (aside from my not wanting bigger boobs!), the fact that recovering from mere tonsil removal is kicking my ass to the curb would provide enough impetus to avoid something like that at all costs.

I did wake up enough to answer a phone call today from my high school friend who just had the new baby and his name is:


There's a blog link for Odin's Adventures in my sidebar, but it turns out to be invite only and I keep it there for my convenience. Otherwise you could see my other high school friend's baby named Odin. I've now gotten myself into a situation where if I ever wind up having a boy, he's going to be a Odin too. I don't really want kids though so don't hold your breath.

I'm looking forward to caring about stuff that isn't my health again. Being sick is soooo tiresome because it's so hard to focus on anyone but yourself. When you feel good, you have energy for so many more inputs and activities.

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