Monday, February 2, 2009

Flat Stanley

Despite being my 8th day in a row at work, it was a pretty good day at work!

We got the new custom built computer in from Europe for my hard-down tool. Instead of being the familiar desktop tower, it's built to fit in an electronics rack. But our racks for this tool don't have a place for it. It's about 18" by 30" by not quite an inch thick. Sitting on a little frame surrounding some facilities fixturing, it looks like a modern end-table. And the switches on the side that look like circuit breakers are actually the hard drive releases. We've gone from poky average computer with floppy discs and Windows 95 to custom "flat screen" styled computer with DVD writer and a usb port for flash drives. Sweet!

I showed up for the morning meeting to present the data I used to turn the process on this weekend and got a round of applause. That was kind of nice. I did work pretty hard on this. Not just setting stuff up, but making sure there was training and communicating pretty much constantly with production supervisors (who had the brunt of the communication burden). Due to vendor delay, it happened about 24 hours after I expected, but still 36 hours before my other tool (above) was back on board. So we were able to restart the end of the line and bring people back to work. And my boss emailed me a gold star :)

Due to the weather, I ate lunch outside today. And then a colleague stopped by so I put aside my magazine and we chatted while out in the sunshine. It's about 90F hotter here than Alaska. And I'm taking full advantage when I can.

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Anonymous said...

congrats on the positive feedback at work :)